Essential Equipment for Powder Coating

Though powder coating is not a new concept, it has become the go-to process in many industries and even for hobbyists. It is a favorable way to achieve smooth finishes on products without the hassle that painting brings along.

While powder coating can be accomplished with basic resources, there is some equipment that can help improve the process, making it safer and providing greater results.

Powder Spray Booth

While some people spray powder in an open area, this can cause several issues. One of the biggest is that it poses a threat to your health and safety.

When powder is left to float around freely, it can both irritate the skin and damage the lungs. Additionally, if there is any type of open flame nearby, the powder can actually explode.

To prevent these issues and more, it’s best to use a powder spray booth for your powder coating endeavors. These are designed with fans that pull air into the booth and prevent most of the particles from escaping the enclosure.

When looking for a spray booth for sale there are a variety of options available to you or you can get a custom powder spray booths built in a variety of sizes to suit your space and coating needs. Additionally, you have several different features and designs to choose from, which can improve your entire coating process.

Powder Coating Gun

In order for the powder to stick to the item you spray, there needs to be an electrostatic charge. A powder coating gun provides this charge as the powder passes through the nozzle.

As with a powder spray booth, you have several types of powder spray guns to choose from. Many of these are substandard and can be problematic when it’s time to find replacement parts.

It’s best to stick with spray guns from brands that have been around for a while and consistently provide quality results. One such brand is Wagner, and it is consistently ranked high among professionals.

Powder Coating Oven

Once your powder is applied, you need a way to cure it. A powder coating oven – or curing oven – is designed for this process and will provide better results than most makeshift options.

A powder coating oven is an industrial oven that works with either gas or electricity. It is built to withstand and retain heat so that the item you are curing gets the most efficient coverage.

You can choose from ovens of different sizes. They often range in temperature settings and wall settings, as well. The oven is typically the largest investment in powder coating, but the benefits tend to far outweigh the cost.

Using the right equipment for powder coating is important, regardless of whether you are just starting out or aiming to improve your current operations. A powder spray booth, powder coating gun, and powder coating oven are some of the most important tools you need to succeed.

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