eLearning tools – Assisting to create better plans 

In this modern and advanced era of learning, technology plays a central role in the procedures of teaching children and adolescents. Different applications and online tools such as a plagiarism checker have now made everything easier and time-saving. By using different ELearning tools content providers will be able to create better lesson plans for online students. 

Some of the best and most helpful eLearning tools

Numerous digital education tools have been produced with the determination of giving autonomy to the student, refining the management of academic processes, reassuring collaboration, and enabling communication between teachers and learners. Some of the ELearning tools including a plagiarism checker to facilitate communication among teachers and students, among other things are as follows:

A plagiarism checker helps a teacher to detect plagiarism in research papers, different kinds of blog posts, subject assignments, and websites. Plagiarism checker asks users to Copy and paste a written content in its text box and then by clicking on its Check plagiarism option it delivers results. Plagiarism software is equally beneficial for students and helps them to make their work unique instantly. It performs in-depth content analysis against billions of pages available on the web such as different kinds of books, journals, theoretical papers, periodicals, papers, and many more. The online plagiarism checker also offers the privacy of users’ data as well. 


This is an educational tool to connect teachers and students and is integrated into a social network. In this online tool, teachers will be able to create multiple online collaborative groups and create a better lesson plan. It helps to manage and deliver more instructive materials, measure student presentation, and connect with parents, among other functions. Now it has more than 34 million users who connect to create a better and more improved learning process that is more enriching, modified, and aligned with the changes brought by technology and the digital environment.


This tool is designed by a group of entrepreneurs who are particularly obsessive about education. Its online advanced system allows teachers to create brainstorming exercises or educational games which students can solve with the support of mobile devices as well as laptops, or tablets. It offers the option to see the results of all the planned activities and, depending on these, it helps to modify the subsequent lessons and make them more personalized. This way it offers the opportunity to assess the abilities of different students. So if someone needs some special care teachers can plan an individual lesson accordingly. 


This eLearning tool helps to plan multimedia presentations with relentless slides in which teachers can add interactive maps, different links, online tests, Twitter timelines, and video graphics, among other options. During a class session, it allows teachers to share them with students’ academic presentations which are visually modified to different devices. It is a supportive option to plan a creative lesson to increase the interest of students for better results. Teachers can also create learning methodologies that awaken the inquisitiveness of students through interactive content that can increase their understanding.


This educational platform allows creating educational lessons with the partnership of teachers, students, animators—normally people who want to increase knowledge and upright philosophies. This eLearning tool allows democratizing access to data, both for educators and learners. Here, people can also have an energetic contribution to the learning process of others. Teachers can give different instructions such as recommending the use of a plagiarism checker to avoid duplicate content and different kinds of mistakes via this online learning tool. 


This eLearning tool is specifically designed to improve student response. It helps teachers to provide their students with immediate feedback so that a good temperament in class is ‘rewarded’ with points and learners have a more amenable attitude towards the learning process. It helps to plan real-time notifications to students, such as ‘Well Done chandler’ and ‘+1 is given to Rachel’, for working collaboratively. It makes it easy to collect information about student behavior and allows its sharing later with parents and administrators through the web. It also allows creating and distributing educational material via the internet, which can be modified later as well. 


This tool helps teachers as well as students to explore references and educational material from all over the internet and then make a better lesson plan. It allows students to collect information found on the internet and then share it with the previous members and offers the possibility to manage all the material more effectively online, improve investigation techniques, and have a digital record of what learners accomplished during the course. Similarly, it offers the chance for teachers to establish a computer-generated class with their students and create an assortment where all the work carried out is stored.

To the end 

Different ELearning tool aims to endorse writing and reading skills in students via storytelling. Such tools help teachers to create more interactive and artistic lessons online through a simple and easy-to-use interface. They allow them to create high-quality videos in a very short time and from any device, exciting students and helping improve academic lessons. 

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