How Self-Directed Learning Will Benefit Your Child

In today’s complex and digital world, self-directed learning is more important and has more potential than ever before.

It is the practice of letting individuals take charge of their own education, learning, and development. Self-directed education can refer to learning at any level. But, it has the power to make the most difference in early childhood education.

Teachers and professors are guides and are on hand should the individual need them, but they don’t interfere otherwise.

Intrigued? Not sure if it is a genius idea or lazy teaching? Here are some benefits of the philosophy.

It Teaches Children How to Learn

Often, parents and teachers spoon-feed children the answers to problems. And they often also present the problems by putting blocks, shapes, and puzzles in front of them. allows children to find the problems themselves, sparked by their curiosity. Then, they will attempt to teach themselves the answers. This practice makes children less likely to avoid challenges in the future because they know how to learn and problem-solve.

Self-Directed Learning Is the Root of All Main Skills

Teaching a child how to tie their shoes is a worthwhile, teachable skill. Social skills are even more crucial but less easy to teach. Here are some other skills that the self-inspired learner is more likely to develop:

  • Communicative skills
  • Research skills
  • Thinking skills
  • Self-management skills

These so-called “transferable skills” are essential to life and, in the future, employment.

Inspires Freedom, Independence, and Curiosity

As much as you wish they would stay children forever, they grow up into adults and need to fend for themselves. Self-directed learning gives children the freedom to explore what they like and what type of person they are. This means they are more self-assured, independent, and grounded in adulthood.

They will know whether they like working in a team or alone. They will also know whether they are audio or visual learners, and how to satisfy their emotional needs. And they will be able to deal with the majority of life’s challenges themselves and know when to ask for help to deal with the rest.

There Are Studies Which Prove It Works

Montessori education is a prime example of self-directed learning. There are some studies that show self-directed children aged five to 12 years old have far better academic, creative story writing, and social skills than children in traditional educational environments.

Want to send your child to a Montessori institution? There are plenty across the country to choose from including this Montessori school company.

Find Out More About What Self-Directed Learning Can Do for Your Child

There is no alternative to self-directed learning when it comes to your child’s development. More and more parents are turning to helicopter parenting to keep their children safe and happy which almost never works.

Give your child space to grow in a supportive environment and watch the positive improvements for yourself.

Want to learn about other educational practices and advice for both you and your children? Browse our education section for tons of useful tips!

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