December Global Holidays and Their Significance

There are many different celebrations and holidays that take place in December, including World AIDS Day, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and Bodhi Day. Here, we will discuss some of the most important global holidays and their significance. You’ll also learn about Bodhi Day, Boxing Day, and New Year’s Eve. Here are some other great holiday-themed activities you can do on these special days.

Boxing Day

Boxing Day is a holiday in the United Kingdom that is celebrated on December 26. It has a long history, and originated in the Middle Ages when alms boxes were opened and distributed to the poor and needy. In recent years, it has grown into a major shopping holiday in Australia, as well as a day of service for the public. Although the holiday was originally intended to help the needy, it has since evolved into something more.

The December global holidays are celebrated worldwide, and each country has their own version. Most countries celebrate at least 15 holidays, with Christmas Day and Boxing Day included. Holiday rules vary from country to country, so make sure to check with your own government to find out exactly when and where you can celebrate these holidays. For the 2022 holidays, Google’s list shows 14 global holidays. While each country will have different traditions and celebrations, these events have become an important part of global culture.

Bodhi Day

While some Buddhists celebrate the day as the “birthday of Buddha,” others break it into several holy days. Bodhi Day is the eighth day of the 12th lunar month. The date of Bodhi Day varies from year to year. In some areas, people string colored lights around a ficus tree. Others bake and eat cookies with a Bodhi tree in them. No matter how you celebrate this day, remember that the spirit of Buddha is always with you.

While December may not have many international celebrations, this particular day is an important one for Buddhists. Bodhi Day commemorates the Buddha’s enlightenment under the Bodhi tree. Buddha was originally known as Siddhartha Gautama, but he was known as “the Buddha” by his followers after he traveled across the world to search for meaning. He observed the suffering of old age and sickness while enlightening himself under a bodhi tree.

World AIDS Day

Every year, one day is set aside to commemorate World AIDS Day. The day was first observed on 1 December 1988, four years after the AIDS virus was discovered. The day has since evolved into a global holiday in which people from all over the world come together to remember those who have died from the disease. In addition to commemorating the victims of AIDS, World AIDS Day also promotes research and awareness of AIDS, which is vital to putting an end to this pandemic.

In honor of those who have died from AIDS, World AIDS Day is an international holiday. This day serves to raise awareness of the pandemic, mourn the victims, and educate the public about prevention and control of the disease. Every year on December 1, the entire world celebrates World AIDS Day by taking action against the virus. As a result, many people choose to participate in activities to help others affected by AIDS and support those infected with the disease.

New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is an annual holiday celebrated around the world. It marks the end of the Gregorian calendar year and welcomes the new one. Many nations celebrate New Year’s Eve in unique ways, such as by throwing large parties or hosting outdoor concerts. Others prefer to exchange traditional foods and prayers for good energy in the coming year. In some places, people also set personal goals, or “goals,” on New Year’s Eve.

Observances for New Year’s Eve vary widely between countries, but traditions in many of them are similar. In Kazakhstan, for example, the new year is marked by the playing of the national anthem at midnight and a presidential address before it. In Korea, the traditional New Year takes priority, but New Year’s Eve is still celebrated in most major cities. Across Europe, many cities celebrate New Year’s Eve with a variety of activities, including fireworks displays.


Boxing Day, one of the global holidays in December, is an important date that marks the birth of Jesus Christ, the pioneer of Christianity. While the way that this holiday is celebrated in different countries differs, the spirit of giving is a universal one. The day is celebrated worldwide and many people wear red ribbons to show their solidarity with people living with the disease. Many people will buy gifts for their servants to show that they appreciate them.

The list of December global holidays includes the following. Boxing Day is a longstanding holiday with two definitions. In countries that are influenced by England, this holiday is observed on the last day of the year. Some employers even give their workers a Christmas box to celebrate the occasion. The other December global holidays include Hanukkah, the eight-day Jewish festival that celebrates God’s provision in the lives of the Jewish people. Yule, a millennium-old festival celebrating the birth of Christ, is another winter holiday.


Celebrated on the third Wednesday in December, Kwanzaa is a non-religious holiday rich in symbolism. Rituals include drinking from the unity cup and a libation in honor of ancestors. Participants exchange gifts to promote growth and prosperity. Although the holiday is secular, rituals are often religious in nature, and participants are encouraged to wear colorful clothing and participate in readings.

The holiday is a time of reflection and celebration, focused on the Seven Principles of Self-Determination, or Nguzo Saba. The children light a candle called a kinara, the center candle. The other candles are red and green. The family then spends the first two days of Kwanzaa discussing the Seven Principles and discussing how to implement them in their lives. The seven days of Kwanzaa conclude with a feast, traditionally held on December 31.

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