Clothes In Style In Australia This Season

Is it the time of the month to splurge? Should it be on a Scotch & Soda scarf or a blazer? If anyone is wondering what the trendiest pieces of clothing in Australia currently are, read on to find out.

1. Blazer:

It is a must-have in all seasons but particularly now. It is wrong to box them into the category of winter wear as they are versatile. A blazer can dramatically change the outfit giving it a stylish edge.

It is not just meant for offices but picking the appropriate blazer can let one use it at any occasion – a luncheon or a party.

Style tip:

Plain, boring colours are no longer the norm for blazers. Experimenting with colours is exciting, and one may even trip upon an exciting combo with their old clothes. Colour-block and unconventional colours are trending this season. Celebrities gracing the outfit from ramps to restaurants have given it an image boost.

Mix and match will always make a person stand out in a crowd. Upgrade the closet so that it matches new colour combinations. Try colour-block, monotones, and checks. Remember confidence is vital in carrying off any look. A yellow blazer will look refreshing with a white blouse.

2. Pleated Skirts:

Pleated skirts have been trending for multiple decades now. There is something about those graceful pleats that are elegant and edgy at the same time.

If someone does not have them already, it is high time to purchase one. It is an article of breathable clothing and so is appropriate for those who value comfort over fashion.

One can never go wrong with having a pleated maxi skirt in the wardrobe. It has heavy vintage vibes yet is a good choice for parties, formal settings, and a day out with friends.

Recently fashion bloggers and influencers have been flaunting them, making their fans fall in love with them. Black, green, red, and yellow are some of the people’s favourite colours.

Style Tip:

One can also wear the skirt in different settings by changing the pairings. For example, a gtr t shirt is ideal for workwear with a Scotch & Soda skirt..

3. Sweatshirts:

There would probably be no person who is not a fan of these. They are everything that people want clothes to be. Comfortable fit? Yes. Makes the were feel snug and cozy? Yes. Looks good? Also yes. It fits all the checkboxes. People value comfort a lot more these days, which explains its popularity.

Have a few basic styles and try unconventional ones, just to have fun. Oversized sweatshirts push the boundaries of comfort. Be it stepping out for a coffee or the bookstore on a rainy day, this article is a great choice. Beat the chilly winters in style by sporting these in different colours.

Style Tips:

To help make the look more cohesive, pair the sweatshirt or sweater with slim-fit jeans and sneakers. Or opt for balloon-fit, just to stand out in a crowd.

4. Scarves:

It is not possible to have enough of these. So have it in all designs and colours. They can have a significant effect on the outfit more than one would think. Those who are sensitive to cold wear it around the neck or face and still look chic. Go for silk ones and those that carry artistic designs.

Style Tip:

One can either tie it around the neck in different styles or on their bag for a cute touch. When not in use, tie it around the strap.

Clothes are a few of the things that make life engaging. So update the wardrobe periodically to stay excited.


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