How to Build a Bouncy Castle Rental Business

Running a creative Bouncy castle rental business can be very beneficial, this industry will be ideal for you if you see children having fun and they have the opportunity to participate in a family or community event. Your customers are always happy to come to you for fun.

Bouncy castle rental will only require a small investment, remember that you only need one castle to start renting. And it’s becoming very popular day by day. Kids are enjoying bounce houses at birthday parties and festivals. Besides, it helps kids to socialize as well as it improves physical and mental strength.

This article provides an overview of what you need to do to start your own Bouncy castle rental Business.

A Typical Day At Work

A typical day involves getting off the castle in the morning and regrouping in the evening. The small magnificent castle will be suitable for most cars, so there is no need to start the van. We recommend storing the equipment in a safe and dry place. The sooner you get to the place where you built the Bouncy castle rental and keep it away.

Where To Buy Your Equipment

We recommend that you do some research before purchasing rubber castles, as cheap castles from cheap manufacturers can be easily demolished and not safe. See where other businesses in your area buy their castles.

What You Need To Get Started

To start a business in a bouncy castle, you need a few things, most of which make sense, but read the list if you miss it.

  • Bouncing thrush
  • Castle builder
  • Barrels or sandbags
  • Earth sheets
  • Security mats for each castle
  • Bag trolley
  • Car or truck
  • Customer protection disclaimer
  • Instructions for use for customers
  • State liability insurance
  • Security and insurance
  • All returning castles must be inspected annually in accordance with safety standards
  • Electrical equipment must be inspected.
  • Use an rcd with electrical elements.

Check Your Competition

Before you start a business, check out the competition in your area, I suggest searching google for the birthplace or searching for such a local directory site in my city of Tramore. Find out what fees they charge and where they advertise and find out where they deliver.

Once you’ve tested your competitors, you can analyze the information gathered. This will let you know how much the price will cost, where you need to advertise, and whether you can deliver in other areas.


To receive a reservation, we recommend that you create a site, set it up, and go first, and easily accept online payments through PayPal. Other advertising space includes local newspapers, storefronts, online publications, and directories.

Local schools, churches, communities, and youth groups, as well as properties with young families, are great places to target.

Remember to take care of each customer and it will save you more business with returning customers and word of mouth in the future. Castle reservations can be made for birthdays, networking, weddings, school events, fun days, fundraising, playgroups, and special events. And make your customers clear about how they choose the best bouncy castles based on their requirements. 

Operating Costs

When inflatable cars, state liability insurance, transportation, vehicle maintenance, and mahal repair incur different operating costs. If the thrush is treated well, it can be cleaned regularly for many years. Repairs are often needed, but they do not cost much and can be repaired yourself. Your castle and electrical equipment will be subject to an annual safety inspection to comply with current health and safety guidelines.

So here is everything while running a rental business. Now it’s up to you to do the market research in your area to find out the potentiality.


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