3 Crucial Reasons You Should Support Women Owned Businesses

According to statistics, there were 12.3 million women-owned businesses in the US as of 2020. This accounts for 40% of all businesses.

The number is expected to rise over the years. This comes as more women choose to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.

Supporting women in business ensures the continuity of this rapidly growing economic sector. You can support these businesses by offering access to capital, building networks to boost the success of women-owned businesses, and buying from them,

If you are unsure if you should work with women in business or not, here are three crucial reasons to go with the idea.

Invest in Economic Empowerment and Attract Innovation

As of 2019, women-owned businesses accounted for 42% of all businesses in the US. The businesses generated an estimate of $1.9 trillion in revenue. These statistics show how instrumental women in business are to economic growth.

When you support women who own businesses, you are simply investing in the future of a prosperous economy, equality, and innovation.

Moreover, supporting women business owners can help you build a more robust network and boost your reputation. More people will love to be associated with you because they perceive you to be open-minded.

Diversifying your network gives you access to different talents. And when you all come together, you create a creative and innovative team to take your company to the next level. Furthermore, this is a chance for you to diversify your supplies. This is a chance to make more revenue.

Women Business Owners Are Collaborative

Undoubtedly, women owned businesses are more collaborative than male-owned businesses. And this brings more value to your company and community.

In most cases, women are believed to only enter into business to follow a passion or achieve a personal/work balance. But that assumption is no longer valid as reports show that most women in businesses depend on their firms as the primary source of income.

Women are willing to do whatever to keep their companies running, including collaborating with investors and other supporters. It will be much easier to work with an entrepreneur with such a mindset.

Make the Entrepreneurial Space Better For Women

Women face a lot of obstacles in the business world. Unfortunately, women in business are eligible for smaller loans at high-interest rates. They are unable to raise capital to chase their dreams.

Moreover, women face challenges in obtaining trading finance. There has been a notion that women cannot run successful businesses, which has led them to be overlooked in society. Supporting women in business is a chance for you to make someone else’s dreams a reality.

Give the women access to capital, support their ideas, and encourage them. This will benefit them and the community they serve in.

Supporting Women-Owned Business Equals Supporting Economic Growth

Gender Equality is a strong incentive to close the economic gap. Where women-owned businesses succeed, the community wins. In communities where women entrepreneurship is not embraced, the opposite happens.

Be the number one supporter of women-owned businesses, and watch the local and global economy thrive.

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