What Are The Benefits Of Using Poly Mailers?

There are many product-based businesses, each requiring suitable materials to pack their products and deliver them to the customers. You can find different packaging styles, like plastic boxes, cardboard boxes, metal packaging, and poly mailers in Australia.

According to statistical data, Australia has targeted to recycle 70% of its plastic waste by 2025, and it also aims to replace single-use plastic packaging material with recyclable plastic packaging.

Many people are not aware of the ill effects of single-use plastic packaging material and keep using it for their product deliveries. It can take around 1,000 years for one plastic bag to degrade into a landfill, but this degradation leaves behind microplastics that eventually get mixed into the air and pollute the environment.

Some companies manufacture sustainable poly mailers that are manufactured by recycling plastic remains. There are many benefits of using such packaging materials. If you want to know about these benefits, then you can read the following points:


Packaging for product delivery costs money if you use plastic or cardboard boxes because these packaging options are very expensive. However, if you use lightweight and sustainable poly mailers, you won’t have to invest much money in packing. You will also save money in shipping costs as shipping depends on the product’s weight after packaging, and these mailers don’t have any weight of their own.


The best part about these poly mailers is that you can fit almost anything in these bags as they take the shape of the item you pack. For example, if you use boxes for packaging, you will have to source different sizes of boxes for different products. Still, with poly mailers, you can pack anything in them, be it jewelry, clothing, electronics, etc. It saves space and is convenient for the delivery person to store and deliver them.


Many poly mailer manufacturing companies also provide customized mailer bags that have your brand’s logo and info printed on them. You can also get customized poly mailed for your brand. If you don’t want to customise these bags, you can simply get a logo stamp and stamp it on them after packaging.


When you have a product-based business, and you are using boxes to pack your products, you will have to store your packaging material in the storage area. These boxes take up space and are not convenient to do so. However, if you use mailers to pack your products, you don’t have to worry about storing them because they don’t take up too much space for storage.


Many poly mailer manufacturers also add a secondary adhesive tape to the bags so that when the customer opens the bag, it is again available for personal use. For example, if you have ordered a product that comes in a poly mailer, you can remove it and use it for yourself by selling it using secondary tape. This feature also makes it convenient for the customer to ship the product back if it comes with damage or defect.

These points list all the benefits of using poly mailers. Many companies manufacture all kinds of sustainable poly mailers in Australia, so if you have a product-based business, you can get these bags and use them to ship the products to your customers.

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