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Budget-friendly Ideas to set up Eco-Friendly Office Decor

The days when the workplaces used to be a stiff environment with uncomfortable and haphazard pieces of furniture put together are long gone. With the advent of private companies, MNCs, start-ups, and an ergonomic work environment, offices have become more comfortable.

 As per the prominent office interior designers in Kochi, the interiors have got much smarter, and aesthetics actually play a major role in deciding the quality of the work environment. The officer interior designing has become an actual trend, and almost all the workplaces go for it. Talking about the office interior trends brings us to the latest trend – the eco-friendly office décor or green décor.

The eco-friendly office décor is all about incorporating the natural elements in the regular office environment. It can be anything from planters to natural light and fresh air. From plants that tackle the indoor pollution to the plants that have amazing aesthetics and from bay areas with green columns to wall gardens – there are many splendid ideas when it comes to eco-friendly office décor.

In the following post, we have compiled the top trends in office interior designing that can be used in setups of any scale, any type, and at any location. Even if you have a private and small office at your home, or have a study room, you can follow the trends given here.

So, read on and make your workspace a better and more energetic place.

  1.   Plants and Indoor Gardens.

The indoor plants; air-purifying plants, decorative plants, and bonsais are some of the most viral trends these days. In fact, small planters that can comfortably sit on the table right beside the computers are also trending in the office interior designing. Many offices with big spaces also have indoor gardens that form an extremely beautiful sight to look at.

Another good idea is to install a green column across the larger dimension of your bay area or main sitting area. Reception areas, lobbies, canteens, balconies, and terraces – all of these areas can be decorated with different types of floral and foliage plants. You can find many different types of planters to experiment with the aesthetics of your workspace.

  1.   Install fabric-based furnishings.

If you have a couch or sofa in some places in your office, you must install fabric-based furnishings there. For example, instead of having a leather couch or rexine sofa, you can opt for a jute or couch or any other thick plant-based fabric. These furnishings are biodegradable and can be washed as well.

  1.   Rattan or bamboo instead of plastic and wood.

These days, you can find a wide variety of furniture materials as well. Opt for eco-friendly and biodegradable materials instead of plastics and wood etc. Rattan and bamboo are the best options to consider. They are heavy-duty, biodegradable, and can be maintained without much ado. You can find loads of variety in furniture essentials made from bamboo and rattan. Cane furniture is also a commendable option to choose from.

  1.   Flooring.

Most of the offices have flooring these days. If you wish to have an eco-friendly office décor, then the best flooring option is the one made from hemp or jute, etc. Using fine or high-quality coconut fiber mats for floors is another excellent option. The best part about using them is that you can replace them without investing a lot and they are easily degradable.

  1.   Use lighting that is powered by renewable sources of energy.

Solar panels are some of the best renewable sources of energy that you can easily install anywhere and keep your office powered in an eco-friendly way. The other popular options that you can consider are wind energy and biogas plants. However, their setups and constructional difficulties make them a big no for the offices based in cities with hardly any foot to waste. So in developed cities like Dallas, you can install solar panels and let the office stay bright and well-lighted throughout the day.

  1.   Make way for lots of natural light and fresh air.

Install some large windows that give an unobstructed path to the natural light and fresh air. While the ambient weather plays a crucial role in the ‘fresh air’ element, you will always have ample amounts of natural light in your office to keep the place cheery and awesome.

  1.   Recycle, Reduce, and Reuse.

Try to inculcate the golden habits for an eco-friendly office culture – Recycle, Reduce, and Reuse. You can also schedule a recycling drive in your office or contact some local recycling company to come at regular intervals to collect the recyclable stuff. If your budget permits, you can install a recycling unit in your office and encourage the employees to recycle their waste.

Reduce the clutter by promoting the use of cups, mugs, and reusable utensils instead of disposables. Encourage reusing the printing paper or opting for paperless billings and applications. Using papers on both sides and minimizing the number of print pages – these habits must be promoted for a green office.

Always remember that interior design can get really expensive if you don’t keep things in check. So, always supervise the purchase and installations and collaborate with expert interior designers for the best results.

Enjoy decorating your offices!

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