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Best Photo Spots in the USA

Oh, the beauty and variety of America! It is considered to be one of the most diverse countries. With all those hot arid deserts and humid evergreen forests, both harsh mountainous landscapes and endless expanses of grassy plains or dense forests. Photos and videos might come to the fore, not to mention it is the best way to keep memories.

Moreover, who doesn’t want to show off their new photos from a vacation on Instagram? This is especially important if you want to become a blogger. Quality content includes knowledge of specific photo techniques. But today, we’ll tell you about top places that will definitely appeal to you to take amazing pictures. All the spots are randomly arranged.

Antelope Canyon, Arizona 

Take an approximately 1.5-hour tour to this without exaggerating the outstanding place. Every tourist who sets foot on the territory of Antelope Canyon is instantly overtaken by an understanding of why the Navajo Indians consider these lands sacred. Come here and see the exotic rock formations. Also, you can learn about the Navajo and local people’s way of life. 

Do you want to hire a car? Then, the article about a road trip rental automobile might be useful. You will need a reservation, mask, water, the ability to climb stairs, and of course your camera. If you are claustrophobic, it’s better to refrain from the tour, because you would have to walk through the narrow canyon. Ask the local guides for photography tips since they know all the best spots and positions to take pictures.

Artechouse NYC, New York

Is the first innovative art museum in the Big Apple. Immersive and a whole new experience of digital art that you probably haven’t quite seen before. You could see what themes will be playing on, and decide whether to go or wait for another one. Christmas themes are also available. If you have kids, you should take them! Consider Rental24h for the big family. Follow the link and view reasonably priced car rental offers for every taste.

This unique art space with luxurious visuals is like a hidden gem for bloggers. Plus, you can enjoy the soundtrack that coincides well with the presentation.  No matter how many photos are taken here, no two are the same. Pay attention, selfie sticks and flash photography are not allowed there.

Shark Reef Aquarium, Las Vegas

The astonishing aquarium. We believe you’ll be blown away by the mysterious atmosphere of this location. The aquarium is decorated in the manner of ancient ruins and has a tropical environment feel. It contains an amazing variety of land-based, freshwater, and saltwater animals. Perfect for a photo session, isn’t it?

We believe you’ll be blown away by the atmosphere of this location. The observation tunnel is located under a massive aquarium in which tiger sharks, jellyfish, octopuses, and other inhabitants of the ocean swim. There are numerous interpretative placards to describe the details and history of each exhibit. Overall, get your camera ready!

Ranch Cadillac, Texas

This unique installation is situated on I-40, west of Amarillo, in the direction of Tucumcari-Santa Rosa. Perhaps, you would need to rent a car to reach the area. Awesome to visit while you’re on a road trip and a nice place to go to take pictures. Painted with bright colors, cars look awesome and crazy! If you’ve never spray-painted before, stop by it and try this cool new experience. Even if you didn’t grab the spray paint, you can find one nearby. When finished, don’t forget to snap a pick! We would recommend not going if it’s really windy. Since the spray paint would go and fly everywhere causing the paint to possibly get onto your clothes.

Mount Rushmore, South Dakota

The faces of the Founding Fathers cut into the rock of Rushmore serve as the symbol of America. This composition was the result of 14 years and 400 workers’ labor under the guidance of the sculptor Gutzon Borglum. Today, this location receives close to 2 million visitors yearly. Many feature films and cartoons had their own reference to this bas-relief.

In addition, this attraction is a source of inspiration for many music albums. You could plan your visit just before dark to see the memorial and then stay for the lighting ceremony. The ceremony describes the men honored on the mountain and provides interesting background information on the project that went into building it.

Cable car, San Francisco

San Francisco is well-known for the Golden Gate Bridge as well as the humorous vintage trams that run along the city’s undulating streets. Since the 19th century, trailers have retained their aesthetic, and today this mode of transportation is almost entirely used by tourists. A trip like this might take the place of a tour of San Francisco because there are three route lines in the city. Don’t forget to take photos!


We hope that at least one place captured your attention, so you can head out right to it. Remember, that cars for rent are always within a reach. Just use rental24h services and make your trip comfortable and easy.

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