7 Maths Topics To Master Before 11 Plus Exams

Despite where you live, the 11 Plus Maths examinations are designed to test children’s abilities. Hence, children must develop strong problem-solving skills to perform well in Maths exams. 

11 Plus Maths questions often require a critical approach and in-depth analysis, where candidates must learn and apply logical concepts. It means that pupils must have a solid knowledge of the basic principles before using them to solve problems. 

But, if your child does not have strong basics, then it could lead to low grades. So, for struggling students 11 Plus Maths tuition London, Aylesbury and Barnet can provide online learning support. 

It can be extremely overwhelming when you have no idea what and how to prepare your child. Many parents ask questions like Is it going to be a multiple-choice test? Is it going to be a difficult test? When will the test take place?

What is the General Format of the 11 Maths Test?

Maths tests vary from school to school and from region to region. Some schools conduct separate Maths Tests, while others include English and Maths-based questions in one paper.

The time varies as well, between 30 minutes to 60 minutes. Some schools also set numerical reasoning tests to make the exam more competitive.

Hence, to unravel the problems and find the right answers, the questions are written in such a way that they require critical thinking and analysis.  You should visit the school’s website to learn more about the test format since the format differs so much from one school to another. 

Here are 7 Subjects  That Need the Most Attention In Preparing for 11 Plus Maths 

1. Arithmetic

It is best to begin developing arithmetic skills at a small age to give children plenty of time to learn it. Initially, you should teach your child addition using number bonds, focusing on mastering the addition concepts. 

After that, you should introduce subtraction and times tables. Slowly, take them to advanced level calculations. Ensuring your child has expert numerical skills is the first step to passing the 11-plus exams.

2. Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

We urge you to teach your basic child fractions at key stage 1 since most children (and adults) need years of experience with this complex trio. Real-life examples can help your children understand the concept in a better way. 

It isn’t easy to comprehend numbers in decimals. Hence, to prepare for the 11+ exams, it is essential to ensure that your child can relate fractions with decimals and percentages.

3. 11 Plus Maths Shapes/Geometry

This 11+ maths topic covers shapes, angles, areas, perimeters, and volumes. If your child is having trouble with these topics, there are several methods you can use to help them. 

If you allow your child to practise their skills in real-life scenarios, they will learn the rules of areas, perimeters, volumes, and surface areas. For example, if you plan to redecorate the bedroom, ask them to help you measure their room so you can put carpet in it or calculate how much paint you will need. 

4. Algebra

For most children, algebra is challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. Basic algebra is introduced to children early in school, but children are rarely aware of this. 

Children begin solving linear equations without even being aware of it! You can help your child connect their arithmetic skills to their understanding of algebra by pointing this out as early as possible. After they understand this concept, everything else becomes much easier!

5. 11 Plus Maths  Ratios

Students often have difficulty with ratios and proportions. Many children learn the rules of ratio and proportion effectively but cannot apply those rules. Studies have found misconceptions about ratios and proportional reasoning are due to children’s lack of understanding of multiplication and fractions.

Only with the right approach, your child will be able to apply ratios in a realistic environment with this hands-on method. Baking with them and changing the ratios will help them learn the ratios’ value and produce yummy treats.

6. Measurements

The topic of measurements is complex and can leave children puzzled for years. Our suggestions for helping your child gain in-depth knowledge about the topic: are as follows: 

  • Provide your child with numerous opportunities to experience different measurements of units. Demonstrate how to calculate the amount of sugar and have them weigh objects on a scale. Measuring properly is the basis for success.
  • Make sure your child knows how to convert metric measurements. The 11 Plus Maths papers may include metric units from time to time, even though we rarely use them in real life. For imperial units, your child will need help memorising conversions.

7. Word problems

Most students find word problems the most challenging topic in the 11-plus Mathematics syllabus. Word problems cover several different topics and test students logically. Because of this, mastering it is challenging.

First of all, identify the type of topics they struggle with. The best way to teach is to do word problems together. For example, help your child understand how discounts and sales are related to percentages. You can ask them to help you determine how much something would cost if it were on sale while you’re shopping.

Final Words 

11 Plus Maths is more than memorising formulas and facts. It involves logical exploration, discovery and proof. Allow them to make mistakes so that they can learn from them before you assist. But still if you are unable to give your children proper attention at home, then 11 Plus Maths tuition London, Barnet and Bradford can help your child. An online tutor can give your child extra help needed to pass the exam. 

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