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5 Compelling Reasons To Plan A Car Camping Adventure

If you’re thinking of spending some time in the great outdoors but aren’t too keen on regular camping, there are many reasons to consider car camping instead. 

While regular camping is not all that comfortable, car camping offers quite a bit more comfort without stripping the experience of being outdoors in nature.

Nevertheless, you might wonder what advantages car camping holds above regular camping. So, we’ve listed them below. 

Added Convenience

Car camping is substantially more convenient than regular camping. You won’t find yourself getting tangled in tent poles and ropes a few minutes before sunset because the best rooftop tents can be set up easily in roughly five minutes. 

There’s also more convenience involved when packing for your trip because your sleeping bag, pillow, and blankets can be stored inside the rooftop tent, even when the tent is folded away. 

A Lot More Comfort

Sleeping on a camping pad, inflatable mattress, or the ground is typically not all that comfortable. Unfortunately, quality mattresses don’t fit well inside regular tents.

On the other hand, you’ll get a good night’s rest when car camping because most rooftop tents include a quality mattress. Therefore, you won’t ever find your sleep disrupted by unlevel ground.

Protection From Predators And Critters

In addition to convenience and comfort, car camping is also substantially safer. Not only will you be sleeping above the ground where predators can’t reach you, but there’s also less chance of finding spiders, snakes, and other critters in your rooftop tent because your tent will be much harder to reach. 

Camp Out Wherever You Want

When car camping, you have substantially more options in terms of suitable camping spots. Often, you can park on level ground and set up for the evening. Even so, you will still need to conform to regulations and by-laws. 

The mere fact that you’ll have more campsite options also means that you can obtain better views and more convenient locations. 

Protection From The Elements

You’ll be entirely exposed to the elements when camping in a regular tent. These tents don’t control temperature and are only sometimes as waterproof as they claim to be. Most regular tents are made from cheaper fabrics like nylon, while the quality canvas options require a lot more effort in terms of setup. 

On the other hand, car camping can promise you complete protection from the elements. Rooftop tents are typically crafted from high-quality fabrics, and some even have hard shells. 

Car camping is an ideal choice if you are planning a camping trip and hoping to avoid the downfalls of spending time in nature. You won’t need to worry about spiders, snakes, or dangerous predators, and you won’t need to spend extra time setting up your campsite. Moreover, you’ll also find that you can extend your trip by camping in a different spot each night of your getaway. But even so, it’s still essential to plan your outdoor adventure carefully and ensure you’ve packed all the essentials


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