3 Tips To Maintain Your Cherished Bridal Gown

Brides today have a plethora of choices when it comes to deciding what to do with their wedding gown once the ceremony is over. Some brides choose to preserve, sell or donate their gowns. Others turn their wedding gowns into partywear or cocktail clothing. On the other hand, many brides wish to keep their gowns sourced from bridal boutiques as it signifies memory, nostalgia and festivity.

That is why bridal gown preservation is crucial. A wedding gown is often carefully constructed and exceedingly fragile, and it cannot be washed like any other gown. Timely cleaning and preserving your wedding gown is essential for ensuring that it lasts forever.

Explored below are some tips that can help you maintain your wedding gown:

Suitable Storage Is Paramount: Most bridal gowns have many levels of fabric and a lot of accessories. It is not a good idea to store such dresses by hanging them. However, you can consider hanging your precious wedding gown in a closet or another secure location if it has few details or any jaded accessories and is lightweight. When storing a bulky dress, it’s best to keep it flat. And the best place for such gowns would be the top-most shelf of your wardrobe or a storage spot beneath the bed which you seldom use anything. If you have a spare room and if it is out of strong sunlight, try keeping it there. This is because excess heat and humidity can ruin your wedding gown, so keep it away from them. Putting it in a moist place makes the fabric more susceptible to discoloration and mildew. Ensure that the temperature in your storage place does not fluctuate. Furthermore, it should not be moist. If you’re not sure whether or not the area is damp, turn on a dryer.

Curb The Excessive Fidget & Flaunt: Refrain from continuously checking on your wedding gown or flaunting it in front of visitors. You may have handpicked it after visiting countless bridal boutiques, but you must allow it to rest in its original location so that it maintains its fresh and sharp appearance. Understand that each time you touch or remove your gown, you risk ruining or spoiling it. As a result, don’t grab it while it’s in storage. It will suffice to give it a simple spot check now and then to ensure everything is in working order. Most of the creases in your garment may be reduced by just hanging it up high. However, take care not to get the gown wet while doing so. If creases persist, enlist the assistance of a professional dry cleaner to remove them.

Opt For Professional Cleaning & Preservation: Choose a professional dry cleaning service for assured outcomes. It is advisable to have your gown adequately cleaned by specialists to ensure it is stored in great shape. Heirloom preservation techniques remove any previous or existing damage and box them to protect them from environmental elements. You could also put your gown in a window box so that you can view it from the outside. To guarantee that your gown is preserved correctly, pick the optimal storage option for it—vertical versus horizontal. Wedding dresses that have been well-maintained are a delight to own. If you’re lucky, the ladies in your family’s coming generations will be grateful for the treasure you’ve lovingly passed down to them!


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