3 Simple Ways to Reduce Your Car Running Costs

Driving a car isn’t cheap, and if you’re worried about your driving costs right now, you may have to make some modifications, either to your driving or buying habits. The good news here is that most people make errors that cause them to spend more on things like fuel or maintenance. Or they spend too much on their vehicle. By being a savvy shopper and a better driver, you should be able to save hundreds, if not thousands of pounds over a year. Here are some ways to reduce the cost of running a vehicle.

Choose Service Providers Wisely

Take the time to research different providers for services you might need. Look for providers that offer cheap services and have a great reputation. Also, look for bonuses. If you need a Car MOT Birmingham, for instance, shop around for a cheaper service. The same applies when your car is due a service.

Another thing you should always do is bring someone who knows cars whenever you go to a garage. While most mechanics are honest, not all of them are, and they can charge pretty much anything they want. Going with someone who knows cars will reduce the chance that you get taken for a ride, no pun intended.

Drive Smarter

There are so many things that can affect how much you consume fuel, and the thing is that most people are completely oblivious to them. Very few people, for instance, realise how much having extra cargo on the roof of a car can increase wind resistance and increase fuel consumption by as much as 25%. Or that having a full tank all the time can actually increases fuel consumption by increasing your car’s weight.

This is why you need to take a long hard look at your driving habits and see where you could improve. One thing you need to start doing right away is to keep a tyre pressure gauge on hand and check the pressure on your tyres every week. This is because properly inflated tyres reduce friction, which makes the vehicle more fuel efficient. You should also remove any unnecessary cargo.

Air conditioners can also burn a lot of gas, but don’t make the mistake of driving with windows down to save energy. As it turns out, driving at high speeds with windows down can contribute to drag, which will eventually be worse than driving with the AC on. You can and should, however, open windows whenever you’re driving on city roads.

Keep Your Car in Top Shape

Things like clean oil, clean spark plugs, and proper wheel alignment can all affect your fuel consumption, so make sure to go for regular services and never neglect signals on your dashboard. The better condition your car is in, the more efficient it will be, and the lesser the chance that you’ll have to deal with major issues.


These are all things that you can do to keep your car operating and maintenance costs to a minimum. Being smart is more important than ever, so keep a close eye on how you’re using your vehicle and consider alternatives if needed.


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