When to Hire a Credit Expert Witness to Help Your Case

68 million people have bad or poor credit out of the 220 million people in the United States with credit scores. If you’re one of those people, you may have had negative experiences with debt collectors or other individuals trying to get you to pay off your debts.

Are you dealing with a debt collector that is violating the FDCPA? Have you experienced unfair practices by consumer reporting agencies that violate the FCRA?

Whether you’re dealing with one of these specific issues or something more general, you may want to get a credit expert witness for your case in court.

Keep reading to learn more about how a credit expert may be able to help your legal case.

What Is a Credit Expert Witness?

A credit expert witness is a type of financial expert witness that will help educate the court on different aspects of the case.

These experts should be knowledgeable enough about the subject content to require very little guidance during the proceedings. They also should be proficient in explaining different terms and procedures related to the field with ease.

If you’re hiring an expert witness, it’s a good idea to search around a little bit before you choose one. You want to find a financial expert that is extremely knowledgeable about credit and credit debt, but also someone that is credible. Expert certifications are helpful in showing that this witness really knows what they are talking about.

Any triers of fact that may be present, whether it’s a jury or a judge, should be able to question that your expert witness isn’t actually an expert. Any expert you hire should be willing and able to work with your attorney to be absolutely certain there is no miscommunication or confusion regarding what they are meant to be educating the arbiters about.

When Do You Need One?

Hiring a credit expert witness for a case is not always necessary, but it is usually helpful.

If you’re thinking about getting an expert witness that specializes in finances and credit, you will only need this type of attorney if you are dealing with a case that addresses those issues specifically and their presence would help you state your case more effectively.

Remember that an expert witness is there specifically to educate those that will be deciding the case. This means that giving those individuals more insight into technical terms and definitions can help them understand better what your case is actually dealing with. Otherwise, the judge or jury may have a hard time knowing what they need to know to make an informed decision.

You need to know when to hire a credit expert witness at the right time if you want them to help your case as well.

Hiring someone early is your best bet because it gives them more time to plan. They need to know and understand very clearly what your case is about and how they can prepare for the proceedings.

It’s a good idea to bring this up with your attorney if you feel an expert witness may be beneficial for you. They will be able to make the ultimate call about whether it may be a good idea or not.

Don’t Wait When You Need an Expert Witness

Making the choice to hire a credit expert witness for your case can be a very positive one.

However, it’s a good idea to work with your attorney to make sure it’s in your best interest. After all, they know what is most suitable for your case.

If you’re dealing with bad credit, you may need some guidance getting your credit and finances back on track. If so, take some time to check out our Finance section today for more helpful articles.


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