3 Key Grounds That Prove a Car Buying Service is Better Than Selling in Used Car Market

As the capital of the Victoria Territory, Melbourne proves to be a very busy city. After all, it is the 2nd most densely populated city in Australia. Though public transport is available, it is so much easier to get around town if you have a car of your own. However, when it is time to let go of your old vehicle, it may be difficult to sell the car on your own in the 2nd hand car market because it is full of competitors.

In this scenario, it is better to sell your car in Melbourne with Cars4Us. This car buying service means you can dispense with all the hassles associated with selling a vehicle in the used car market. Their professional team will deal with all the transfers and give you access to instant cash. Here are the most compelling reasons that make a car buying service worth it instead of attempting to sell on your own.

Deal With a Much Simpler Process

Working with a car buying service is so much simpler than attempting to sell your car online. When you work with a reputable company, the steps are seamless, so you don’t have to deal with headaches. Take a look at how this very fluid process works:

  • Step 1: Get a free quote by calling a toll number or filling up the online form.
  • Step 2: The team goes to your car for inspection and makes a fair-market valuation.
  • Step 3: If you agree on the price, you can receive the payment within the day.
  • Step 4: The team will take care of everything from transferring the car registration, pickup, and payment.

Avoid Paying Extra Costs

When you work with a car buying service, you don’t have to incur additional expenses. For example, if you sell your car in Melbourne with Cars4Us, they will handle everything. In contrast, if you do it yourself, you have to pay hefty advertising fees.

Whether you make promotions online or in the community paper, you have to fork out money so that people will know you are selling your vehicle. Unfortunately, paying for ads is not a guarantee that your car will get sold. Since ads run for a limited time frame, you will have to keep on paying for these fees until the car sells. Moreover, you have to pay for:

Dispense With the Hassles

Unfortunately, selling your car yourself means you have to take time out of your busy schedule. After all, you have to make time for meet-ups so your potential buyers can view and inspect the vehicle. Notably, most people who will view your vehicle will most likely not buy it. The worst-case scenario is they will give low ball offers just to get the vehicle out of your hands.

On top of that, every time you accommodate someone to see your old vehicle, you are essentially welcoming a stranger into your space. In these trying times, it can be very risky to do that. How sure are you that an honest person is coming to view the vehicle? This can be a precarious situation, especially since you have to go with the person to take the car on a test drive.

There are just too many unpredictable used car market variables that threaten your safety should you decide to attempt selling an old vehicle on your own. If you truly want to enjoy a seamless process, it makes more sense to get rid of your old vehicle using a reputable car buying company.


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