10 Things You Can Do With Epoxy Resin

Epoxy is easily one of the most popular DIY crafting materials today.

If you’ve never used it before, epoxy resin comes as a liquid and is mixed with hardener to create a solid material. This makes it a great option for any projects that you’d like to pour into molds and shapes.

One of the best things about resin is that you can use it to make crafts that are not only durable but also look expensive. Plus, resin crafts make a great personalized gift for your friends and loved ones.

Ready for your next craft project? Read on for 10 crafting ideas with epoxy resin that you can make today.

1. Jewelry

Whether you’re a beginner or have used resin many times before, you can make stunning resin jewelry.

Some jewelry that you can make with resin includes earrings, pendants, and rings.

If you’ve never made jewelry before, consider getting a resin jewelry-making kit, as this should have all the materials you need to get started, from the resin to the loops and hooks.

You can also get molds for your resin jewelry in popular shapes like circles, triangles, and hearts.

2. Coasters

One of the most popular ways to use resin for crafts is to make coasters because they are so versatile. When you make a resin coaster, you can either pour the resin into a mold to make the entire coaster from scratch, or you can pour the resin over a piece of wood.

When you’re pouring resin over an existing coaster, make sure you get a deep and disposable dish. Aluminum trays from the dollar store work very well for this.

You can make a clear resin coaster and add different materials to it, such as dried flowers, for example.

If you love color, then consider adding mica powder to your epoxy resin crafts. Mica pigment powder gives your resin crafts a beautiful, pearly shine.

3. Cutting Board

Resin cutting boards add a unique look to an otherwise plain piece of wood.

To make a simple resin cutting board, you can mix your resin with resin pigment powder or acrylic paint and pour the resin on top of the parts of the cutting board you want to cover.

For the coolest look, you’ll want to cover about 1/3 to 1/2 of the cutting board with resin. You can cover the end with the handle and about half of the board itself. This method gives you an interesting contrast between the colored resin and the wood.

4. Paint Pouring Art

Have you ever seen artwork where the artist pours paint over a canvas to create unique color combinations and effects? You can do the same thing with epoxy resin for an upscale piece of art that lasts longer than acrylic paint.

When creating paint pouring art, make sure to choose colors that go well together. If you’re not sure, consult a color wheel to help you.

Also be sure that you’re pouring the resin on top of a tarp or another large, disposable surface, and make sure to wear gloves the entire time you’re handling the resin.

5. Keychains

Keychains are a fantastic personalized gift for birthdays and holidays. Plus, resin is the perfect material to withstand the typical wear and tear that keychains go through.

One option is to make clear resin keychains and add glitter or letters inside.

You can also get molds that come in the shape of letters. You can add a bit of color to one of these and make a keychain with the first letter of the person’s name for the perfect gift!

6. Tray

If you’re looking to make a craft that you’d like to use daily, then an epoxy resin tray is a great choice.

You can get plain wood trays from the dollar store and fill them with a colorful layer of resin to elevate the look.

You could also make a mosaic at the bottom of your tray by gluing down each mosaic piece. Then, you can overlay the entire mosaic with a coat of clear resin to protect and even out the surface.

7. Table Top

For the woodworking enthusiasts out there, you can also add resin to a tabletop for a high-end furniture effect.

You can create a groove in the table and fill it with your choice of colorful resin. One popular tabletop resin project is to cover the hollow top of a table with bottle caps and then pour resin inside to seal them.

Make sure to follow all safety precautions if you’re doing this, and make sure to use a tutorial if you’re not an experienced woodworker.

8. Decorative Words

If you’re a fan of inspirational messaging, you can make decorative words or letters out of resin. Not only do these look better than plastic, but you can add pigment powder to differentiate each letter.

Some examples of decorative words would be your initials or inspirational words like “dream” or “believe.”

You can get the molds at a craft supply store, so make sure you plan your project so you know which letter molds to get.

9. Dice and Dominoes

You can use resin to make game pieces like a set of dominoes by getting a special mold. You can also get a mold to make different kinds of dice for your favorite board games.

Use epoxy pigment powder to color them in, or keep them clear and add glitter for a fun effect.


Paper isn’t the only material you can use for bookmarks! In fact, resin makes for a great bookmark that lasts a lot longer than paper bookmarks.

You can add different colors, glitter, or flowers to your bookmarks depending on who they’re for.

To make things easier, you can also get bookmark molds that have a hole at the top so you can add a tassel to your bookmark later.

Ready To Start Your Next Epoxy Resin Project?

Epoxy resin is one of the best options for crafts that look high-end and last a long time. Plus, there are endless possibilities to make crafts that suit every style.

Whether you want to preserve dried flowers in a clear resin bookmark or create a beautiful pair of colorful earrings, you can do it all with resin.

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