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X Cleaning Hacks To Revamp Your Living Room

The centerpiece of your home will always be your living room – apart from the kitchen. As the most important room, it may help to revamp it every now and then to breathe some new life into it. The best news, however, you can easily combine cleaning your living room with a revamp. As you’re on it you may notice you’d like to pull some items out for a fresh new look. Do it the quick and easy way to be finished with your project even sooner.

Take down the curtains

The good thing about curtains is that you can exchange them at any time. Take them down and put them in the laundry. Or do you really want to keep them? Could you do with a new set or change the entire look with wooden blinds? 

Wooden blinds tend to provide your living room with a more natural and cozy look. Or you could actually take advantage of both. As your curtains are in the wash, you could attach some blinds and think about adding another set of curtains. If your curtains have seen the best of days, you’ll probably want to consider junk removal for them.

Carpet care

You can make your carpet last a little longer if you keep to a strict cleaning regimen. A deep clean of your carpet should at least be done every quarter. It’s very absorbent and tends to trap all the dust, smells and allergens. 

Sprinkle it with some water and afterwards with bicarbonate of soda. Let it rest overnight and vacuum it thoroughly the next morning. It’ll be almost as good as new. In those areas where it’s lost its fluff, you could use an ice cube. Just place an ice cube onto the affected areas and use a fork to fluff up the tuff. 

However, the best cleaning strategies will not help your carpet forever. As a rule of thumb, you can expect to change it every ten years. If it’s been a carpet of good quality, it may last a few years longer. 

Think about it, how much a new carpet or a completely new flooring might change the whole appearance of your living room. You could take it out and replace it with laminate. It’s very easy to care for and will last decades. Take some parts of your old carpet as area rugs before you decide to put it to junk removal.

Bookshelves decluttering

Bookshelves tend to gather a lot of dust. The easiest way to deal with it is to take out everything. Use the horsehair brush attachment of your hoover to remove all dust. Give the shelves a wipe with a wet cloth and consider taking a good look at all the items you’ve taken out. 

Do you still read those books? Which books would you read again in an instant at any time? Which other items have you had in your bookshelves that you might be able to let go of? 

Taking out all the items from your bookshelves is the perfect opportunity for some decluttering. The less you’ve got on those shelves, the less you’ll have to clean.

Don’t worry about items on display you were given as a gift but have never liked. You can let go of them and maybe it’s time to mention it right away if you don’t like something. If you don’t, people will keep on giving you stuff that doesn’t fit your style. Hand it over to a junk removal service to take care of it.

Change your throw pillows

Just like flooring and carpets can change the look of your living room in an instant, throw pillows do the same. Do your throw pillows fit your current style? If their cover is washable, put those into the laundry first. 

Check if you can find new pillow covers to go with your curtains and area rugs. But also throw pillows lose their fluff over time for which you may go for a new set. Before you worry about how to dispose of old throw pillows, you should definitely contact your nearest junk removal service. You can’t throw them into a bin and usually require special disposal procedures. 

Comfy clean couch

Sofas also tend to gather quite a lot of dust which you don’t realise. Use a steam cleaner to clean it properly. Sometimes, steam cleaners can work like magic even on stains that are hard to remove. If you have pets, their hair will naturally cling to your sofa. 

Take a rubber glove and slide with your hand across the sofa. It works a lot better than other tools to remove pet hair. Avoid more pet hair accumulating on your sofa with a throw. It’ll make your sofa look as if it was a brand new model. If it’s lost its comfiness, you may also go for a new one altogether. 

Choose one with PU leather or microfiber fabric to make it easier to clean even from pet hair. You can probably get the furniture company to take your old one in exchange, but most don’t do it. Just contact a junk removal team and you won’t have to worry about anything.

Clear it out completely

If you decide to change the floors, you may have to take all items out of the living room anyway. 

Taking everything out of the living room provides you with the opportunity to clean your living room from top to bottom in any corner you usually don’t reach. 

As you put your stuff back into the living room you may come up with a new concept for its layout. And since you do take everything out, you need to declutter anyway for junk removal. The best cleaning concept for your entire living room is very similar to keeping your bookshelves in check. 

The less you stuff it with, the less you’ll have to clean. Ask a junk removal to give you a hand at disposing of the items you choose not to put back.

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