When Is the Best Time of Year to Have a Car Shipped?

Americans are a people who are crazy about cars. In fact, 73% of us say we love our vehicles a lot and 69% have immense pride!

Because of this, we’re happy to bring our vehicles wherever we go. But driving them everywhere can take a toll on the lifespan of our precious possessions.

A great solution is to use auto transport services instead!

So when’s the best time of year to have a car shipped? Read on to learn more so you can save money when shipping a car!

The Best Season to Ship a Car

The cost to ship a car will fluctuate based on the time of year you’re looking at. This is because like any other type of product or service, the demand and “supply” wil vary.

If you’re looking to save money, the best time of year for auto transport is fall. There isn’t much demand for this service and the weather isn’t too terrible yet, which means you’ll be able to get very affordable car shipping.

You’d think that winter would be a good season to pick too, but it’s actually one to avoid. This is because the weather can be terrible, there’s not much daylight (so transport will take longer), and truckers take time off to spend the holidays with their families. In addition, snowbirds will move during the winter, which will drive up demand.

Seasons to Avoid

Winter’s not the only season you should avoid for when to ship a car.

In fact, the busiest, most expensive season is summer. All the kids are out of school, which makes it easier for families to relocate for various reasons. As a result, not only will you pay exorbitant prices for car transport, but it’ll also be extremely difficult to find truckers who can accommodate your desired shipping times.

Spring can be a hit or miss, depending on how you time it and who you choose. There’s a slight lull in business in February and March, but snowbirds will start moving again towards the end of the latter month.

More Tips for Shipping a Car

To save even more on auto shipping, you’ll want to book your trucker early. This means you should request quotes as soon as you know you need this service. That way, you can compare prices and shipping times, and select the optimal choice for your needs and budget.

You should also choose open vs enclosed haulers, as there are more drivers and it’s cheaper as well.

Lastly, pick economy shipping if you can afford to wait. Naturally, standard and expedited services will cost more. You can also use companies like Shiply car transporter to safely move your vehicle to the desired destination.

Have a Car Shipped at the Right Time

Now you know the best and worst times to have a car shipped. In general, you’ll want to ship your car in the fall and arrange for services early. Avoid summer shipping times if you can!

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