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What Should You Do After An Animal Attack?

Take a Photograph of the Animal

It can be difficult to know what to do in the aftermath of an animal attack. However, the first thing that you should do is take a photograph of the animal that attacked you. Naturally, the owner of the animal will likely claim that their pet would never attack a person and that another animal that resembles their pet did it instead.

This is why you should take a photograph of the animal. The photograph is much stronger evidence of an animal attack than simply your own statement. You can present this photograph to an animal attack attorney in Chicago, Adam Zayed. in the event that you decide to pursue legal action against the animal’s owner.

Identify the Animal and Its Owner

Once you have taken a photograph of the animal, you should find its owner. After that, you should get their contact information and name, then write all of that down. If the animal’s owners have insurance, you should also write down the local insurance office’s phone number in addition to the name of the insurance company. All this information will prove helpful as you move forward with the process. You should ensure that all the information that you receive is accurate. 

Get Medical Treatment

As you may know, animal bites can lead to serious infections. Because of this fact, you should definitely seek medical treatment after an animal attack. Depending on the severity of your injuries, you may have to call 911 and let EMS personnel treat your injuries wherever you are or take you to the hospital.

However, if your injuries are not that severe, you should have a family member or friend transport you to either an urgent care facility or the emergency room. You should tell the doctor that you were injured in an animal attack. This ensures that the doctor will include that information in your medical records. 

File a Report about the Animal Attack

Something else that you should do after an animal attack is to file a report about it. You should file this report with the agency that is responsible for animal control in your area. This might be an Animal Control Division or it may simply be a sheriff’s office or police department more generally. Regardless, you should file a report with the appropriate agency, even if it appears to be a hassle to do so. Legally documenting an animal attack is critical if you want to seek compensation for the injuries you sustained.

Reach Out to A Personal Injury Lawyer

 At this point, you should contact a personal injury lawyer about the animal attack. These sorts of cases can be complicated, so you should seek representation from a personal injury lawyer with experience handling animal attack cases. They can help you gather information, assess your damages, and receive the compensation that you deserve from the owner. It is worth noting that there are some common defenses used in such cases. A personal injury lawyer with experience handling animal attack cases can aid you throughout the legal process of your personal injury case. 

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