What Is Smart Zoning System And The Features Of A Good One

A smart zoning system gives the user a new level of control over the heating and cooling of their home. You can manage the comfort levels in your home with individual zones in place. This system breaks the house into various areas or ‘zones.’ Each zone is controlled individually by a thermostat. When your home is zoned, it’s easy to eliminate hot and cold spots and separately regulate the temperatures of different rooms. Ideally, you should get a zoned heating and cooling system installed from service with expertise in providing and installing air conditioning solutions that span over decades. The experts of such a service are efficient at smart zoning installation and provide all the necessary information to get your home smart zoned quickly.

The Working of a Smart Zoning System

The secret to the working of a zoning system lies in the electronically controlled dampers in the ductwork. Dampers serve as valves and control the heated and cooled airflow throughout your house. Another component of an intelligent zoning system is the thermostat. It is present in every zone to enable it to control the electronic dampers present in air ducts.

When a space requires more significant air from your air conditioner or heater, the thermostats signal the damper to open and allow the passage of more air. Similarly, the thermostat closes the dampers when a space has reached the optimal temperature. It sends back the air to the remaining parts of your home.

Today, you can find zoning systems in various styles and sizes. So, there’s one for your particular HVAC needs. Homes that are bigger than 2000 square feet require a three-zone mechanism. Larger homes with elaborate floor plans and bigger windows need a zoning system with quality temperature and humidity control. These systems are apt for houses with many unused rooms and multiple levels.

Some Features of Smart Zoning Systems

  • Smart vents – Usual zoning systems allow the users to personalize their indoor temperatures via mechanical dampers that regulate airflow in a room. It achieves the needed effect of changing the conditioned air amount. But the HVAC system itself takes a lot of time to catch up before changing its output. In a smart zoning system, there are smart vents, which are more efficient. It is because changes to a specific zone get communicated instantly, which results in less energy wastage.
  • Smart thermostats – Smart thermostats have an interface that resembles smartphones. They are linked to smart zoning systems through Bluetooth or the Wi-Fi network. It makes the installation much more convenient. Smart thermostats possess all the capabilities of programmable thermostats.
  • App control – You can control these systems through an app that the manufacturer has created. It makes it perfect for homeowners who might have limited accessibility. There are also specific systems that you can configure for voice control.

How You Can Add Smart Zoning to Your Current System

Many old systems cannot support smart zoning. It requires you to replace the ducting fully. But you can connect with a zoned heating and cooling system installation service with experts who can assess the current picture and tell you if your old system can be changed to add smart zoning. You can either head over to their website’s home page and fill out a simple form or send them an email to book an installation.

Those with a two-story home, a basement, a sunroom, or a living space over the garage benefit greatly from separating their area into zones. The architecture of these areas naturally lends to differing temperatures.

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