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What is a kids hoverboard?

Initially, the first hoverboards for kids appeared on the big screen under the feet of Marty McFly, the emblematic character of the Back to the Future saga. In the second installment of the trilogy, Marty uses a levitating board in the air to move or flee.

As often, fiction has been overtaken by reality. It is now possible to move like Marty. Of course, we are not floating in the air yet, but the current kids hoverboard has what it takes to offer many sensations to the user.

This atypical object is much better than a classic scooter because it is more manageable and stable. Thanks to its modern design and multiple applications, it is particularly popular with young people.

How do kids hoverboards work?

At present, the products offered obviously do not benefit from the technology presented in the films. They are powered by two small, powerful, and independent electric motors, which has an advantage over a conventional skateboard or scooter.

The device is easier to steer and allows you to survey chaotic terrain without hindrance. In addition to these two motors, there are two batteries that demonstrate great endurance. The board is firmly anchored on two side wheels whose diameter varies from one model to another.

The user then has the choice between wheels inflated with air for better sensations or more conventional rubber wheels to grip the ground better, especially in the event of rain.


It is undeniable that the kids hoverboard is the best means of transport for teenagers and young adults. Often science fiction enthusiasts can only give the kids hoverboard the best possible reception because they benefit from new sensations. In addition to its fun side, the kids hoverboard UK  also represents an excellent alternative to cycling, especially in large cities where more and more people want to move quickly, avoiding traffic jams.

The mini Hoverboard for children

What types of hoverboards are there? This product is aimed at the youngest from 14 years old. Its size is adapted to the morphology of children and its power is reduced in order to limit any risk of an accident. This hoverboard can travel at a maximum speed of 5 km/h and easily travels 12 km before needing to be recharged. You have to plan a little learning time, like with a bike.

The child can then evolve on his own and has a hard time abandoning his hoverboard. The latter quickly becomes the best accessory that the child does not want to do without.

The entry-level Hoverboards for Children

Intended for adults, this Hoverboards for Children is not the best but it deserves to be known. In the comparisons, it obtains honorable scores: it allows you to discover a new mode of travel without considering too large an investment.

The high-end Hoverboards for Children

This one is aimed at regular and passionate users. The maximum speed of this product is 15 km/, so it is the fastest model.

More imposing, it ensures perfect stability and its autonomy allows you to travel 30 km before requiring a charge. It is equipped with several LEDs of various colors and Bluetooth technology allowing its user to move around in music.

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