What is a Burnout and How to Overcome It: 5 Best Ways

If you are constantly under stress, do not reduce the load and do not get enough rest, you will burn out. Burnout is a state of extreme physical and emotional exhaustion and can negatively affect all aspects of life. Let’s look at what symptoms accompany burnout and how to avoid it.

How to recognize a burnout?

Despite the existing definition, today burnout is not an independent clinical syndrome, but only a component of stress. This complicates the diagnosis of this condition. There is a symptom complex that patients experience during burnout:

  • Absence and forgetfulness.
  • Reduced self-esteem and inadequate perception of the results of work.
  • Loss of interest in life.
  • Disagreements in personal relationships.
  • Disappointment in work, colleagues, and even hobbies.
  • Loss of productivity.

You will find other symptoms and their description in this article. If you have noticed most of these symptoms in yourself, it is time to urgently change your life and worldview.

Start with a change of scenery

In a state of burnout, the first thing that will help the body and brain recover is rest. Take a vacation from work and go on a trip. Any option compatible with your budget will do: it can be a trip out of town or even a world trip. For example, rent a vehicle in Enterprise hire a car here and drive around peaceful places in the United Kingdom. Don’t skimp on a trip, the option to hire a car will save you from the discomfort of public transport and give you pleasant privacy when you need it.

Understand the reasons

To find a way out of the current circumstances, you need to analyze what factors led you to burnout. In analysis, it often turns out that you are overwhelmed at work or feel discomfort in relationships due to excessive demands.
To improve the quality of life, you need to correctly prioritize and give up some tasks to allocate time for rest and restoration of the resource. Think about what is important and useful for you, and stop indulging others to the detriment of yourself. Car hire options will allow you to spend moments of introspection in solitude and peace on the road, excluding time for reflection from a busy schedule.

Make time for self-care

To stay productive, you need quality rest. In addition to 7-8 hours of sleep, set aside a couple of hours a day for self-care. Proper nutrition, vitamins, SPA, and regular physical activity will help you quickly recover physically and are a good prevention of burnout.
Constant stress leads to excessive production of cortisol, which is manifested by headaches, hypertonia, and changes in body weight. Sports are the best medicine for lowering cortisol: if you feel low on energy, then walking will help too.

Take care of your emotional state. Do not continue working at home after a hard day – a person cannot work efficiently for a long time and without breaks. Take a bath, meditate, listen to your favorite music, watch movies or go to a party – this way you will keep your interest in life and gain strength for fruitful work. Music can quickly restore harmony and self-control: use the services of cars for hire to play your favorite songs on the road.

Do not be silent

Often, burnout can be prevented or managed on your own through simple communication. Do not keep negative emotions in yourself – talk to a loved one about your feelings and experiences. You will find support and get the opportunity to look at the situation from the outside.

If burnout is due to overwhelming workloads or a toxic team, consider changing jobs or changing your line of work if it no longer inspires you. Realize your value as a unique individual and remember your interests. Feel free to talk to your boss about delegating or slowing down. The boss will listen if he/she appreciates you as an employee.

Look at the situation from the other side

There are situations where you cannot avoid some of the factors that lead you to burnout. In this case, change your attitude towards them. Vulnerable people experience burnout when their work is criticized. Think about how this criticism is constructive and stop taking it personally – such statements do not mean that you are a hopeless or incapable person.

Remember that by adding workload, you have to give up something to compensate for working hours. It is better to focus on fewer tasks than to complete a huge list poorly.


If you do not prevent burnout, over time it turns into depression and you will need professional help. By investing in health, you can avoid the dreaded effects of depression and the lengthy recovery that follows. Love yourself and follow your interests!

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