Useful Tools for Easy Viewing and Reading PDF Files

Having some issues reading PDF documents?

PDF files are great candidates for long-term storage and safe file sharing. They retain their display across platforms, making them ideal for sharing. They also have high file integrity, encryption, security, and protection options.

The formatting is compatible as long as you have the one software needed. This makes the PDF file a universally understood and convenient file format. Whether you’re sending or storing PDFs, this format’s file integrity is undeniable.

However, with this ability to retain its layout is a sense of rigidity. It can be a challenge to manipulate the display. It’s even more difficult to view on compact devices like phones and tablets.

Make reading PDF documents a user-friendly experience with some simple extensions. Here are some tools you can use to make viewing and reading PDF text a breeze.

Install a PDF reader

Reading a PDF document is most convenient on dedicated applications. Look for a PDF reader with assistive tools that you can use to modify your experience.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is one of the most comprehensive reader applications. Its free version on its own provides enough functionality.

Resize the Document

Reading on a laptop is different from reading on a phone or a tablet. The dimensions carried over in a more compact device can render the text too small. Manipulate the parameters to fit your screen, be it on a phone or a tablet, and make reading more comfortable.

Modify the size of the pages by using apps like PaperCrop. PaperCrop is a Google app available for Windows and Linux that allows you to resize the PDF document.

Modify Text and Background Color

Reading text projected from harsh light can cause headaches and eyestrain. Make reading PDF to word converter a more pleasing experience by converting the files. Alleviate eyestrain and immerse yourself in text for longer periods of time.

Some PDF readers will come with a preset eye comfort setting and also allow you to choose colors of your own. You can even pick colors that aid in memory retention, such as blue text on a yellow background.

View the Document in Code

Using extensions, you can render images and thumbnails from PDF files. You can also extract text into code so you can view it all laid out.

Breaking down a file into its components can sometimes help users get through them. Use the Iron PDF extension to read pdf in C# and extract text and pictures from PDF files.

Make Reading PDF More Flexible

Reading walls of text can be daunting. Find a fully-featured PDF reader that can help you optimize your settings. Break your PDF file into code to extract text and images in a way that appeals to you.

Now you know some great tips about reading PDF files! Would you like to learn more about file extensions that help optimize your reading experience? Check out our other blog posts for more.


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