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Tips To Choosing Healthy Dog Treats with Private Label Pet Brands

Now more than ever people are fussy about the type of food they feed their dogs. The fact of the matter is, most dog owners today want to feed them products that are natural and healthy. The same may be said for dog treats. Most people give dogs treats for different reasons – as a reward for good behavior, for training purposes, or we just love them!

For many years the old fashioned milk bone was the number one choice for a dog owner. Today, there are many private label pet brands offering much more variety of treats to choose from. You can find gourmet dog treats that are tasty as well as healthy with ingredients, that are good for your pet.

Look for Healthy Ingredients-These natural private label treats will probably cost you more than the cheaper, unhealthy ones. But it can save you money in the long run. If you feed your dog healthy food and treats, they are going to have less health problems. And thus, you will have less vet bills.

In addition to a single source protein and whole grains, search for treats that contain oxidant rich vegetables for instance spinach, beans, or kelp. Vegetables generally are good for your dog. You can also find treats, offered by some private label dog treats, for your vegetarian dog!

Other ingredients to search for are Omega 3 for healthy skin and coat; including vitamins A and E for healthy eyes and skin.

Calorie Count: Make sure you determine the calories found in the treat. An overweight dog is an unhealthy dog, and you will in the end be paying more in vet bills, if you pamper your pet with fatty treats.

Fortunately, most healthy dog treats take calorie count into account and in this way, most are low in fat and calories.

Texture: This may not seem too important, and of course ingredients and calorie count are more vital when one is choosing a healthy or organic dog treat. But texture is important as well. More firm a treat the much better it is for your dog’s dental health.

When dogs chews on a hard treat they are at the same time eliminating the plaque build-up. Having said that, the older or senior dog may have a more, hard time with hard treats. If that is the case with your pet, a softer healthy dog treat is the right choice to make.

The Nutshell

No matter what treats you finally offer your dog, the most vital point to consider is the ingredients. It’s important to say again, make sure the treats are made with natural ingredients and contain no by-products. If you want to keep away from treats that contain meat, there are some delicious peanut butter dog treats including the fish or vegetable dog treats to choose from under the private label pet brands! A smart tip is to search for bite sized treats which are low in calories; and made up of natural ingredients. Your pet’s health will benefit in the long term if he consumes natural, wholesome dog treats.

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