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Tips For Safely Storing Cannabis

You can easily spend a lot of money on cannabis and cannabis products at a dispensary, which is why it’s essential to store them properly. After all, you want the product to last, and keeping it in a cool and dark place is the best way to preserve it. However, you’ll want to ensure that when you’re storing your products (which can include dried buds, vape juice, oils, pre-rolls, or edibles), you’re doing it safely. 

Here are some tips on how to safely store your cannabis:

Cannabis Storage 

Keep It out of Reach

After your purchase, ensure that all your cannabis products are kept out of reach from children and pets. Some of the most ideal places would be on a high shelf in a dark closet, inside a safe or lockbox. You will want to keep these products out of common living spaces, such as living rooms or kitchens, where anybody might have access to them. Avoid keeping them in easy to access locations, like a drawer or cupboard.

Keep It Contained 

Most cannabis products have a predisposition for specific conditions, such as temperature and humidity. The best way to keep your cannabis unaffected by these conditions is to keep it in airtight glass containers. The less your cannabis is exposed to oxygen and natural light, the better. Remember that an airtight container is the better way to go over using plastic bags. Avoid plastic bags at all costs, as they can let your cannabis go stale, which degrades its potency. 

For maximum safety, consider leaving any item from a dispensary in their child-resistant packaging. Most cannabis products will come in these containers with child-proof caps anyway. 

Keep It in the Right Conditions 

As mentioned, cannabis needs to abide by specific conditions to maintain its potency and effectiveness. Mold and mildew can thrive when there is too much heat or humidity where you store your cannabis. You’ll want to start by keeping it in a cool place with a storage temperature of around 60-70℉. When stored, ensure that it’s in a dark place, as UV rays can degrade it. 

Don’t Leave Cannabis Unattended

This might go without saying, but you shouldn’t leave cannabis products or accessories out in the open, even if it’s for a few minutes. The last thing you’re going to want to deal with is a child with a handful of marijuana or a dog swallowing your edibles. Always remember to unpack and store away your cannabis as soon as you get home. Doing so will reduce the risk of someone else getting to it before you do. 

What Not To Do

While there are the “dos”, there are also the “don’ts” when it comes to cannabis storage. Here are some incidents to avoid:

  • When it comes to storing vape juice, pipes, grinders, or other accessories, the resin and ash from burnt cannabis can linger and stink up the storage area or container you put it in. By storing them separately, you’ll be practicing proper etiquette. 
  • Don’t store your cannabis in the fridge or freezer. Doing so will either make the weed brittle or increase the risk of mold and mildew growth. 
  • Don’t store your cannabis around anything that produces heat, such as kitchen appliances. The excessive heat from these appliances can dry out your cannabis much faster. 
  • Keep your cannabis out of plastic bags or containers. Plastic tends to contaminate your weed. Always ensure that the container you use is anything but plastic. 

Keep in mind that all cannabis-infused products may have different guidelines when it comes to storage. Read up on the instructions on the package to ensure that you don’t ruin your newly purchased products. 

If you’re looking to buy marijuana in Winnipeg, Toronto, Charleston, Seattle, or any other destination around the world, make sure you’re doing it safely. Always brush up on the laws regarding cannabis use and the correct storage procedures. There are numerous products available in-store and many knowledgeable employees ready to assist you if necessary. 

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