Tips For Designing Your Gift Voucher

Aspects of Design

Is there a one-size-fits-all seasonal campaign for everyone? Perhaps you’re testing a personalized coupon for VIP clients who spend a particular amount of money on your services? Alternatively, are you offering coupons that may be used for personal or business purposes? Consider how your coupon will be utilised before you design your own gift voucher.

Whatever the occasion, your gift voucher’s style and feel will be dictated by the look and feel you want it to have.

Gift certificates for seasonal discounts

Create coupons based on a particular occasion, and ensure your design reflects that. For example, make sure the design is bright and lively with vibrant use of colour for a spring sale. Including coupons with online shopping necessitates making sure they stand out. Your clients will respond to a message that resonates with them, such as “Treat yourself,” “Spring discounts,” or “A little thank you.”

Vouchers for VIPs

Sending gift certificates to a limited group of your most loyal customers is one way to ensure that they continue to invest in your business. This is an excellent chance to make them feel particularly valued. This can keep customers loyal to your brand. It can also help spread the word about your company’s charitable efforts and position your company as a model of corporate citizenship.

It’s possible to go all out with VIP gift vouchers. Your design may be visually appealing and a pleasant surprise if you design your own gift voucher with finishes like Foiling. Rose gold and silver may lend a glitzy touch, while red, blue, and copper foiling go well with nearly every brand’s colour scheme and identity. Luxury paper stocks, for example, may give your gift certificate a more upscale appearance and feel. Elegant and opulent papers like Pearl Oyster and Conqueror Gold offer a luxurious touch. It’s a terrific way to show off your style!

Certificates of appreciation for memorable events

Amid yet another shutdown, people increasingly turn to sentimental gifts like gift cards and subscriptions to express their feelings. Experience (and something to look forward to!) is what one craves at this point in life. So, whether it’s a gift card to your favourite person or a prepaid message, your business has a golden opportunity to participate in this trend.

Preparation is key to preparing for any potential holiday periods beneficial to your company. Don’t be afraid to advertise gift certificates for birthdays, anniversaries, new arrivals and significant seasonal possibilities like Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

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Design a few alternative templates for popular events and allow your consumers to choose from several styles to suit the gift voucher trend if you’re serious about getting in on the action.

Guidance on creating a custom gift voucher template

Creating a personalised gift voucher template from scratch necessitates that you ensure that it has all of the relevant information (especially if you are ordering in bulk). Vouchers should have the following information on them at a minimum:

  • Your logo and details about how to get in touch with you
  • Each voucher has a unique number to keep track of purchases and redemptions.
  • The voucher amount to make it clear how much money may be redeemed.
  • Date of expiration: When the voucher can be redeemed.

Additional terms and conditions:

If you have a no-cash exchange policy, this might include information on how many things the voucher can be used for.

Use as few words as possible while displaying your logo prominently on your website or other marketing materials. It’s all you need with a simple headline and instructions on using the voucher. Extra room is provided by a two-sided design.

Listing social media accounts is a great option to broaden your brand’s reach and encourage social sharing of your products and services.

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