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The Top 3 Tricks to Supercharge Your Next Email Marketing Campaign

Running an email marketing campaign is an amazing way to boost your business.

While many business pundits say that social media is the way to go, the data shows that an active email list is still an incredible asset for your business. After all, unlike social media, you own your list—and it’s always there when you need it.

However, many people fail to maximize the capabilities of their inbound marketing strategies.

Here are 3 tips to help supercharge your next email marketing campaign.

1. Understand Email Types

A few years ago, intent wasn’t a big deal when it came to internet businesses. Now, Google and other search engines heavily rely on search intent when it comes to driving organic traffic to your site. You should apply the same logic to your email marketing campaign.

There is an overwhelming amount of data on the internet. People on your email list are more prone than ever before to simply skip over something that doesn’t make sense or doesn’t interest them.

So, what type of email are you sending? What is the intent of your email?

To promote a product? To educate the consumer? To welcome them to your site?

Make sure every single email in your marketing campaign has a clear intent.

2. Do an Email List Cleaning

The average sales rate from an email marketing campaign is well below 10 percent. If you have a massive email list, that could still be insanely profitable. However, trimming your email list is actually a great way to boost your campaigns.

Over time, emails on your list become invalid for a number of reasons. For example, a student might use a college email that disappears after they graduate. This means you could have hundreds or even thousands of dead emails on your list.

Doing an email validation (also called an email cleaning) is a good way to increase conversion rates, gather more accurate feedback about your messages, and save money. Remember, many lists charge by the number of subscribers you send your emails to.

(Here’s where you can learn more about email cleaning.)

3. Give Away Free Things

Free is always going to be popular with your audience. If you’re having trouble converting or just trying to create some excitement with your list, try giving away something—even if it’s your time—to help spark excitement.

There are a number of ways you can give away freebies without hurting your bottom line. Try creating a digital product like an e-book or giving away 15 minutes of your time for an information call.

People love free things. And even if they don’t take you up the offer, the fact that you’re giving away free stuff will give them a reason to click on future emails.

Email Marketing Campaign

Running an effective email marketing campaign is an amazing asset to help grow your business.

Our keys for supercharging your list are to understand email intent, clean your list of dead emails by running an email validation scan, and to give away something free.

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