The Full Story About Kobe Bryant

This is a real look into the life of the King, Kobe Bryant. His family and his career have become the talk of the town, along with the video tape of him breaking down and fighting with an opponent he feels was not fair. The full story of his life is what makes this movie so entertaining. We get to know the other side of Kobe Bryant as he is growing up, and we see how the pressure of being the best can often push people into darker areas.

The full story of Kobe’s life includes his relationships with his mother, father, his childhood friends, his racing, his success, and everything that comes along with it. There are interviews from his teammates, his former teammates, and even some from the sports writers who covered him during his tenure with the Lakers. The author goes into detail on why some of them left the team, and why others stayed. It is a fascinating look at the game and sports in general. I have always enjoyed reading biographies, especially when they are done well and tell a complete story through all the chapters.

Kobe’s full story is entertaining, enlightening, and sometimes even controversial. It is a great read and a great movie. If you have never seen the movie, I highly recommend it. As someone who grew up watching sports movies, I always remember hearing about Kobe Bryant and how his life story was one of the most remarkable of all time.


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