The Best PC Cases For Gaming

When looking for the best PC case, you have several options. You can choose from the Enthoo Pro 2, the EVGA E1, or the H7 Flow by NZXT. We also take a look at the Gemini X from Cougar Gaming. Hopefully, you’ll find a case that fits your needs and budget.

Enthoo Pro 2

The Enthoo Pro 2 is a full-featured PC case that comes with water cooling, HDD storage, SSD charge, and dual power supplies. It has plenty of room to fit a large system and has a large amount of mounting space for HDDs. However, this case is a bit pricey, and you might want to save up a little more before purchasing it.

It comes with a fabric bag to protect the chassis from abrasions during transport. The case also features two endcaps made of soft foam and reinforced cardboard. It is also bundled with eleven 2.5″ drives and all the mounting hardware needed for them. If you’re serious about gaming and cost is no object, then consider an RTX 4090 from GeForce to take your gaming to the next level.


The EVGA E1 PC case is designed to be extremely lightweight and durable. It is constructed of 3K carbon fiber and weighs only 2.76 pounds. It features a suspension system that uses steel cables that run from the frame to the motherboard tray. It has a full range of connectivity, including USB, DVI, and HDMI.

This case also has an open chassis design that features a carbon fiber frame. The case is incredibly cool, as it comes with a six-fan dual-radiator closed-loop cooling system. It also includes a tray that supports the motherboard and other components. The case also features a racing-style analog temperature gauge.

NZXT’s H7 Flow

The H7 Flow PC case from NZXT offers a lot of room for expansion. Designed with a closed front panel to prevent noise, this case also reduces temperatures. Although it’s not the most luxurious case, it is still one of the most affordable options available.

NZXT has a long history of producing excellent PC cases, with a reputation for cool designs. Their Phantom series was particularly popular a decade ago, but they have updated their line-up of cases with the H7 Flow. The H7 Flow is a great case with excellent airflow, and it’s also a great value for money. The H7 Flow is sure to sell well in the PC building community.

Cougar Gaming’s Gemini X

While a single gaming computer is mighty, sometimes it is simply not enough to meet the demands of modern gaming. One of the best solutions for this is to run two computers in a single case, and the Gemini X PC case provides you with the convenience of having two computers within the same case.

The Gemini X PC case is built to support two full computers, and allows you to configure them vertically or horizontally. Its modularized frames allow for maximum customizability and capacity for high-end accessories. The case also has massive lateral vents and clever cable management to promote efficient heat dispersion.


If you are looking for the best PC case for gaming, then the Winbot is the one for you. This ultra-rare computer case is shaped like a spherical dome and is made of plexiglass and aluminum. It houses E-ATX motherboards and GPUs up to 340mm long and 160mm high. It supports 8 PCIe slots, four HDD/SSD bays, and a 1,250-watt power supply.

The Winbot PC case features a facial detection camera that responds to hand gestures. It also supports Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant. It can also fit a standard ATX motherboard, ATX power supply, and 380mm graphics cards. In Win’s Winbot, a 360mm radiator can be accommodated.

Phanteks Enthoo Elite

The Phanteks Enthoo Elite PC Case is a premium production gaming enclosure, and is built with attention to detail and premium materials. Like all other products in the Enthoo Series, this case is constantly improved and updated to ensure the best possible performance. It also features five 140mm fans, with options to upgrade to larger fans.

The Phanteks Enthoo Elite PC Case offers multiple features for extreme cooling and maximum flexibility. Its dual-hinges allow for easy access to a removable drive cage and can fit up to a 5.25″ hard drive. It also has tempered-glass side panels that can be removed without any tools.

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