The Armchair Climatologist Guide to Climate Change in Canada

Are you anxious about the future of the planet? Did you know that provinces across Canada are currently experiencing the hottest temperatures in their recorded history?

Climate change is real, and staying educated about the climate crisis in Canada is the most important step you can take. If you want to learn more, then make sure to keep reading, as this guide will explain some important facts about climate change in Canada.

Climate Change vs. Global Warming

There is a lot of confusion about what climate change exactly is, and this is why you need to know a little bit about basic climatology.

According to NASA, global warming is used to describe the Earth gradually getting hotter. Climate change is a term used to describe the various ways that Earth is changing. Some of the most well-known changes include alterations in sea levels, melting ice caps, and altered blooming periods in plants.

A simpler way for you to think about global warming makes up a smaller piece of climate change.

How Climate Change Is Affecting Canada

The impacts of climate change are becoming clear throughout Canada. The Canadian government recently released a statement that outlined many of these.

Some of the negative impacts include raging wildfires and floods across the country. The worst part is that the average citizen won’t escape the effects of climate change either. Heatwaves are setting record temperatures in B.C, and hundreds have died in a short time period.

Canadian climate change is becoming an issue that you, as an average citizen, can’t ignore. With this in mind, learning how to stay protected from the elements is of utmost importance.

Changes in Weather Patterns Are More Severe

You may have noticed a change in the weather of the last couple of years, and it’s not your imagination. Canadian weather patterns are altering due to climate change, and the bad news is that it’s poised to get a lot worse.

It’s predicted that future heatwaves in Canada will be harsher and longer-lasting than any that have come before. Additionally, studies report that you’ll be almost twenty percent more likely to experience rainy periods than if you have lived in the 1800s.

Keeping on top of Canada’s changing weather patterns is critical for your well-being. If you want a source on this problem, then look here.

Climate Change in Canada Paints a Bleak Picture for the Future

If you’re in Canada, you should know that climate change isn’t an isolated event as it’s happening now. More people must become educated about the effects of climate change. The alternative is the situation on Earth will only getting grimmer.

Your prime concerns at this point should be both learning more about climate change and taking action through your ballot and wallet.

If you found this article interesting and want to learn about new ways to tackle climate change in Canada, then make sure to check out the rest of our blog!


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