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Streams on Twitch: 5 Tips for Live Streaming

Did you know that the streaming website for gamers, Twitch, came about in 2017? This popular website immediately gained a following of about 15 million users per day, with people broadcasting their online gameplay live for anyone in the world to view.

It did not take long for the service to go viral, as people could watch their favorite games streaming live along with funny or helpful commentary from the streamers. Are you interested in live streaming? If so, we have put together the top five tips on how to stream on Twitch.

1. Gaming Computers

About 90% of Americans report that they game on a computer. That is because many gaming companies optimize their video games to fit PCs better than gaming consoles like the Xbox or Playstation.

That means you can often customize your games to your liking with modifications (mods) and other features. Another reason why investing in an affordable gaming PC is better is that the video quality and speed are typically better and more functional on a computer.

So, if you plan to live stream, owning a gaming computer with a high-quality video card. You can often find companies that let you build your own computer and choose all the specifications you want and need.

2. Webcam

Your computer webcam, especially on a laptop, is of poor quality. It may look grainy and probably won’t adjust to the lighting in your room or gaming den.

Purchasing a separate webcam that you can mount over your computer or your desk will give you the visual look of a professional gamer and streamer.

After all, many people on the internet are attracted to HD quality. If you want to keep up with everyone else on Twitch, splurging on a webcam will be to your benefit.

3. Microphone

Along with the webcam, you want to buy a separate microphone. As you live stream, you will often give commentary that is either funny, constructive, or both. Again, do not rely on your built-in microphone.

You will sound tinny, which will make it difficult for someone to understand you. Buy a separate microphone along with a pop screen so that it filters out any unnecessary noise from your mouth as you enunciate certain words, like those with the letter P.

4. Streaming Software

Software is the most critical element if you want to know how to stream on Twitch. The streaming software is what you use to broadcast your live streams to the world.

While you might have to pay for a more premium version, you can still find programs like Open Broadcasting System or XSplit. Both of which are free or offer free versions and trials.

5. Save Your Streams

Lastly, you want to know how to save streams on Twitch. Saving your live streams makes them available for people who missed your broadcast.

Not everyone can make it to your live show, and people who discover you may want to watch your older stuff. By learning how to save your live streams on Twitch, you ensure that your content, new and old, remains visible to everyone.

More About Live Streaming and Gamer Tips

As you can tell, there are several things you can do to enhance your live streaming on Twitch. If you want to gain a loyal following and remain professional, you must have a decent computer along with the equipment.

And, remember, streaming software is the most critical element of live streams on Twitch. If you enjoyed this article, we encourage you to continue reading the rest of our blog, where we share even more technological tips and tricks.

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