Ninja Stars – Cool Ninja Weapons To Use From A Distance

The ninja stars are one of the many weapons that were used by the ninjas. Ninjas were brave warriors who resided in a village where China exists today. These warriors learned special skills, and that is why they were known as ninjas. 

Turning into a ninja was a tough thing as one had to put in a lot of effort, dedication, and passion. The warriors practiced skills without weapons, which are known as martial arts today, and they used a couple of cool weapons to practice the skill.

The ninja’s weapons included the bo staff, ninja swords, ninja knives, nunchucks, sai, and the ninja star. All weapons had their importance back then, but the stars were unique of them all. Let us acquaint you with the types being offered today. 

Types of Throwing Ninja Stars

The Ninja Stars for sale are spectacular weapons of history that you still get to find in weapon stores. A weapon is a star-shaped tool that has four to five-pointed edges. The weapon was also known as the “shuriken”, and it was used by throwing it at the enemy from a distance. The following are the few types that you will get:

  • Metal Ninja Stars

You will get the metal ninja stars, which are weapons that are purely made up of metal. You get titanium made metal, which are high-quality weapons. The metal stars also come with unique pointed edges. You get to buy them in black and silver colors, and they also come with a pouch to easily carry your weapon.

  • Cool Throwing Stars

The collection of cool throwing stars comprises cool customized stars. You will find some that feature fancy colors, such as the rainbow-colored star, which gives a rainbow’s shine in the daylight. From the customized collection, you will also come across stars that are shaped like poker cards. They have four pointed edges, and they look cool when in hand. 

Uses of the Throwing Weapon

The throwing weapon is a spectacular one. You can use it from a distance simply by throwing it at your target. Ninjas carried it as a secondary weapon, and so can you. You need to hit rightly, and you will see how the stars rip through the target. 

The weapon is also good at hunting from a distance. You can hunt things down in the same way you use them for self-defense. Just throw them and boom. The weapon is a historical one, so it is a great one to be collected. You can buy different types of it and can show off.

Finally, one of the best uses of the cool weapon is carrying it to a co-play event while being dressed like a ninja. No one will be able to guess if the weapon is real or not. In the same way, you can use the cool stars to shoot your movie scene, especially if it revolves around ninjas. 

Buy Ninja Throwing Stars Today

The types and uses of the ninja throwing stars are amazing, but the pricing part is more interesting. The stars come at affordable prices. You can have one for yourself, or you can have them in bulk to make money out of them. 

You can purchase the stars from weapon stores near you or purchase them from online weapon stores like Paknives. Whatever you do, you will be the center of attraction. Please don’t wait and grab your ninja stars and boast about them.


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