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Moving Up!: 5 Benefits of Adding a Second Story to Your Home

Should you stay or go? It’s not an easy decision to make. With the cost of moving and the housing market being so tight, sometimes it’s best to stay right where you are.

If you’re running out of room, and the family is at each other’s throats, why not go vertical? If you haven’t thought of adding a second story, perhaps you ought to. While the idea of it may sound extreme, the benefits cannot be denied.

To see why you should consider adding a second to your home, read our guide.

1. Extra Living Space

The most obvious reason for adding a second story is to add space to your home, right? When you feel like you’re on top of each other in the family, why not create a two-story home?

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If you’re already in the right neighborhood and your needs are being met, this is the best choice to make. You may not want to deal with the hassle of moving after all.

As you increase the square footage, you get to keep the memories as well.

2. Increase the Value

By adding a second story to your house, you increase the value at the same time. The price of your home is often determined by the livable square footage.

While the price of a one-story and two-story home may be the same, the added space will bump the overall value. If you ever wish to sell in the Seattle area, a home addition like this can sweeten the deal.

3. Maintain Backyard

By going vertical with your two-story home, you get to maintain the backyard space. Rather than taking up space and going horizontally, adding a second story will open up all sorts of outdoor possibilities.

You could add a deck, landscaping, or pool addition if you so choose. Your neighbors will love it too since space won’t tighten between you and them in the process.

4. First Story Refocus

One of the silver lining benefits of adding a second story to your home is that you can refocus on the first story too! Could it use some TLC and an upgrade here or there? How about repairs or odds and ends to spruce up the look?

Think of it as a golden opportunity. You could work to match the aesthetic of the second story. By breathing life into your new two-story home, you will start to reap the rewards.

5. Avoid Housing Marketing

When the inventory is low in the housing market, you won’t have to worry about having a new two-story home. You can rest and relax and not stress over bidding wars and things of that nature.

Avoid the headache of buying and selling, and seek out what you can already do. What new projects can you invest in? How can you make your house feel more like a two-story home today?

Stay On Top of Things by Adding a Second Story

Have you started adding a second story to your house yet? We hope you gained some insight from our article. You don’t want want to stop there.

There are plenty of things you can do in and around your home. With so many projects and ideas floating around our blog, you’ll love the lifestyle read.

We can’t wait to see what you discover as you stay on top of things!

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