Most Popular Adidas Sneakers of All Time: Seven Must-Have Shoes

New Zealanders are sneaker lovers. After all, the country’s leisurely lifestyle has made it into a community of sneakerheads. In addition, its geographical landscape and moderate climate are perfect for wearing these types of shoes.

One of the popular sneaker brands is adidas nz. You can see many New Zealanders walking on the streets or hiking, wearing their favourite Adidas shoes.

Many New Zealanders love adidas nz because of its comfortable fit and design. You can wear it outdoors or pair it with smart casual clothes to create a stylish look.

Adidas, founded on August 18, 1949, has churned out a lot of sneakers in its more than 70 years of existence. Many of its designs have become classics and have been reborn.

Here are some of the top favourite Adidas sneakers that have been produced:

Adidas Superstar

This model seems to have been around as long as the brand has been in existence. The Superstar came out in 1969 as a basketball shoe. It is made of leather, making it more durable. However, it is its classic design that made it a bestseller. In addition, it is so wearable that it keeps making a comeback even decades after it was first produced.

Adidas Stan Smith

This model is named after famous tennis player Stanley Roger Smith. He was the former number 1 player and a two-time Grand Slam champion. It came out in 1965 as a tennis sneaker, but it is now a very popular lifestyle shoe. The plainness of its design is what makes it popular even to this day.

Adidas Samba

Just like the previous sneaker models, the Samba was also first designed as a sports shoe. When it was released in 1950, it was designed as a soccer shoe. Its leather build and gum sole make the shoe very comfortable to wear. Decades after it was released, the shoe model is still very popular. From being a performance shoe, it has transformed into lifestyle footwear.

Adidas LA

The model was released in 1984, but it became more famous for its 1990s collection. It is one of the sneaker models that tried to break out from the 80s shoe mould. It did not only do so, but it also managed to set a few trends. The Adidas LA is one of the first shoe models that featured an adjustable cushion system.

Adidas Gazelle

This model debuted in 1968 as a running shoe. It is like a combination of Stan Smith and Superstar. However, unlike its predecessor, the Gazelle is not made of leather but suede. It became popular because of its affordability and the number of its colourways. It appealed not just to sneakerheads but ordinary people as well.

Adidas SL72

When this sneaker model was released, it received an underwhelming acceptance. However, it slowly gained popularity and became one of the best-selling shoe models of all time. The shoe design is what propelled it to its popularity.

Adidas NMD

The NMD model is a new generation of Adidas shoes. What makes it popular is its collaborative designs with popular artists and personalities. Some colourways of the NMDs are even worth thousands of dollars, and people are still snatching them up.

Adidas is one of the biggest shoemakers in the world. Many of its newer models are set to become classics in due time. So if you are looking for a grand shoe to wear, adidas nz is something you should consider.

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