Monthly Gift Boxes For Meat Lovers: 7 Completely Unique Picks 

Meat lovers are a peculiar bunch. They appreciate and respect the craft of butchering, curing, and preparing meat that goes beyond just eating it. For them, it is more than sustenance; it is an art form. Meat lovers want to know where their food comes from and its preparation process. They crave unique flavors and textures that make each meal memorable and acknowledge quality ingredients with superior taste. 

Whether cooking at home or dining out, meat lovers need products that meet their superior flavor and quality standards. When planning a gift for them, the best option is a monthly gift box full of unique and exciting products. That makes your shopping a breeze and saves you time and money. Here are seven carefully curated present boxes that any meat lover would love to receive. 

1. Carnivore Club 

What else can you buy for a carnivorous man if not meat? In this case, you need high-quality and properly-handled cuts from natural sources. You get that from Carnivore Club, a monthly meat subscription box with unique charcuterie selections from artisans. It is not “just another meat in a box.” 

Carnivore Club has many options, making it easy to customize your gift. The option includes Jerky Club Gift, Snack Box Gift, Classic Box Gift, and Complete Box Gift. These boxes contain cured meats, salami, snacks, and jerky alongside a few accompaniments such as mustard, olives, crackers, cheese, jams, dried fruits, nuts, pickled goods, and more. You can start buying these boxes for as low as $19.99.  

Every month, they send out specialty meats from around the world, each expertly crafted and aged to perfection. Their curated boxes are sure to meet everyone’s desires. Choose the perfect gifting option for your man or woman, and let the carnivorous pleasure begin. 

2. Pasture Bird 

They will tell you that white meat is the best you can consume. Poultry is one of the most healthful and nutrient-packed sources of protein that man has. It is high in protein, low in fat, and full of essential nutrients like B vitamins and iron. Pasture Bird is a unique selection of poultry products, like organic chicken and turkey, raised by family farmers using all-natural, sustainable practices. 

Since the birds feed on natural pastures – grass, bugs, and worms – their meat has unparalleled flavor. It is of the highest quality, with no antibiotics or hormones added. Pasture Bird’s subscriptions deliver monthly boxes full of pasture-raised poultry. Every package contains a selection of turkey, chicken, and duck, plus recipes and tips on preparing them. 

The outstanding advantage is that you can build a custom gift for your loved ones. Choose from boneless and skinless cuts, whole rotisserie, or drumsticks. Mixed choices are also available with a little of everything. Your subscription will renew with pre-selected items, but you can adjust or cancel it whenever you want. 

3. Butcher Box 

Sometimes, you want a little of everything. Some grass-fed beef, free-range chicken, naturally-thriving seafood, and heritage pork are ideal for that. Butcher Box is a subscription service that provides high-quality meats raised with natural conditions and feeds to ensure superior taste and health. Their meat selection is also free of antibiotics, hormones, and preservatives. 

This subscription is also ideal for people who want complete control over their packages. You can customize your meat choices according to your lifestyle and taste. Curated boxes contain a little bit of everything. Shipping is also free, with refrigerated and insulated packing boxes to ensure the best condition of your food. 

4. Jerky Gent 

Gifts should be surprises. The recipient does not have to expect it on a specific date and still gets the same pleasure when opening it. That is why jerky subscription boxes are ideal for any occasion, no matter the time of year. For instance, you can deliver it for Father’s Day or even Valentine’s Day. Jerky Gent is the perfect service for that. 

This monthly subscription box contains curated selections of premium beef jerky. All cuts come from grass-fed, all-natural cows, crafted with traditional techniques without preservatives or additives. The boxes have different jerky flavors from all around the world. You can also choose from low-medium spices or hot ones. Their shipping is free when you pre-order quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. 

5. The Spicery 

No, this one is not meat! But who can ignore the spicy flavors of Indian cuisine? The Spicery is a gourmet subscription service that delivers authentic spices and ingredients to help you cook delicious Indian dishes. Every month, the box contains eight spice blends and recipes from different regions of India. Make everyone salivate from the aroma of your meals. 

The content of the boxes changes every month. You can enjoy a new flavor of cuisine every time. Also, you can choose from a vegan or vegetarian option to suit everyone’s dietary requirements. Their subscription boxes are ideal for anyone who loves to explore the flavors of India and learn about its unique cuisine. 

6. The Cheese Geek 

Cheese is popular among all, and it never goes out of style. It is an ideal complement to that steak. You can add a special touch to any gathering or meal with the flavors of artisan cheese. The Cheese Geek is a subscription service that sends monthly cheese boxes to its members. 

The freedom to customize the delivery date, cycle, and package content makes this service stand out. Your monthly box contains a selection of gourmet cheese from small dairies and farms in the UK. You can add extra snacks and condiments or choose a vegetarian option to customize your box. 

7. Omaha Steak Burgers 

Who does not salivate at the sight of the juicy and savory flavor of steak burgers? Omaha Steak Burgers is an excellent delivery service for burger lovers. It offers pre-made patties and sliders in packs of four to thirty-two. For the most delicious burgers, you will get meats from grass-fed, grain-finished beef and 100% ground beef. 

Omaha Steak Burgers subscription will be a perfect gift for people who love naturally-raised cattle that attain their full flavor and tenderness. Also, their boxes are ideal for those who want to enjoy juicy burgers all year round. Shipping is free in the contiguous US to enjoy the delicious taste of Omaha Steak Burgers with your friends and family. 

Summing Up 

A meat subscription box is a fantastic gift for anyone who loves high-quality, natural products. You can give your recipient the freedom to choose what they want or surprise them with ready-made boxes. The options are endless, and you can find services that offer different meats, flavors, and sizes to suit everyone. Spices and cheeses can also be a great addition to a meat subscription box for Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or any other occasion. 

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