Maintaining Your Mustache: 7 Topnotch Tips for Caring for Your Mustache

If you have a mustache, you must mean business. A 2020 study found that facial hair can help people define themselves and achieve success in the marriage market.

But not all mustaches do the trick. If you want to project confidence and attractiveness, you need to engage in moustache care by using products like moustache wax, oil and combs.

What should you do to help your facial hair grow? How can you wash, comb, and trim your hair? How can you develop your own mustache style?

Answer these questions, and you can project class and consideration through your mustache. Here are seven tips for caring for your mustache.

1. Let Your Hair Grow

Caring for your mustache requires stepping back for some time. Let the hair on your face grow for several weeks. You may need to wait for up to six weeks for it to come in evenly.

Make sure to live a life that lets your hair grow. Eat nutrient-rich foods and avoid getting grease on your skin. Exercise and drink plenty of water while you are outside.

The hair may become thick. If you want a thin mustache, you can start to trim it after four weeks. If your hair is growing unevenly, you should wait until it becomes even.

2. Wash Your Face

What you can do is wash your face while your hair grows. You should remove anything that falls into your hair, especially food debris. Use your fingers and be gentle when doing so.

Use water and a specialized cleanser to remove dead skin cells. You can do so in the shower or by your sink. Apply the cleanser downward, so you don’t get any in your mouth or eyes.

When you dry yourself, pat your mustache dry. If you scrub too hard, you can split the ends of your hair.

3. Moisturize Your Mustache

Hairs can draw moisture away from the skin. If your skin becomes dry, the hairs can begin to fall out.

Moisturize the skin underneath your mustache and around your lips. Apply a little moisturizer onto your fingertips and rub gently. Do not scrub or push too hard into your skin.

You should rinse your skin after you apply shampoo to your scalp or soap on your body. Residue can make your skin dry and red.

You can find shampoo and hair conditioner specifically for mustaches. Apply them to yours with a good amount of cool water. Wash yourself a few times every week, but don’t be too excessive.

4. Comb Your Hair

Once your hair has grown in, you can start combing it. Find a mustache or tiny comb.

It should have a good handle that you can grip and angle the bristles. In general, you should angle your comb to match the direction of your lips. You can angle it differently if you want an unorthodox style.

Lift your hair so it doesn’t rest against your skin. This allows it to grow outward and restores moisture to your skin.

5. Match Your Mustache to Your Face

You may have a beard growing in with your mustache. You should spend time tending to your beard by itself. Make sure you can comb and moisturize it.

Take a look in the mirror to see if your beard matches your mustache. They should have similar colors and textures. If your beard is too different, you should shave it.

You can choose several styles for your mustache. The best style for you is one that matches your face shape.

People with square faces should have heavy and long mustaches. Those who have an oval face should go for ones that are medium in length and width.

Most mustache waxes help style a mustache and make the hair shinier. This mustache wax helps shape your hair, so it fits the shape of your face. Compare multiple products before making a purchase.

6. Trim It Properly

If you have a thin mustache, you can use clippers or a beard trimmer to cut. If you have thicker hair, you should find a pair of specialized facial scissors.

Never trim wet hair. It is hard to tell how much you have cut because it is so heavy. Pat your hair down, then cut it when it is dry.

Cut in an even pattern from side to side. If you maneuver your scissors too much, you may miss some spots. Trim in front of a mirror so you can keep an eye on your progress.

7. Shave Well

Be very gentle when shaving. Use a razor, but check to see that the blades are sharp. Get shaving cream and aftershave lotion.

Take a shower to make your skin warm and soft. Then apply the cream onto your mustache and razor blades.

Move your razor in the direction of your hair. Do not push your razor too hard. If you cut yourself, remove the blades and apply pressure over the cut.

Shaving with an electric trimmer may make things easier. Get a trimmer with a plastic surface that guides the razors over your skin.

Rinse your skin off, so you remove anything clinging to it. Use tweezers if you need support when removing individual hairs.

Apply aftershave on to reduce your skin irritation. If you want to grow a new mustache, you can start the process all over again.

How to Care for Your Mustache

Caring for your mustache isn’t difficult. As your hair grows in, adopt a hands-off approach. Wash your face and moisturize your skin, but don’t poke and prod your hair.

Once it has grown in, you can start to comb it. Use a very small comb and stroke toward your lips. Select a style that matches your face shape.

When you want to trim, use a small pair of scissors and cut your hair evenly. If you need to shave, use an electric trimmer.

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