Learn to drive a car for the first time for women and men with Just Pass School of Motoring

Learn to drive a car for the first time for women and men

Many of us want to learn to drive cars, but fear possesses us as soon as we sit on the chair and start thinking about this matter, but driving must be done through practice and leaving fear and anxiety aside and learning some basic things that are useful in this field, so you will In this article.

Article contents:
Come and learn how to drive an automatic car.
Basic steps to drive a normal-gear car
Second: How to drive an automatic car
How to use an automatic car

First: learn to drive a regular gear car

Some people may find it difficult to drive this type of car because the automatic is easier to drive automatic driving lessons, but all you need is to take a driving license by learning about this car and possessing the art of dealing on the road in general, skill and professionalism with time, and circumstances may make you force to Using this type of car, therefore, it is necessary to learn about it first, learn to drive with Just Pass.

It is necessary to make sure that the transmission is in Moore mode, that is, it is not at any of the speeds of this car while driving.
The engine is starting and at the same time, the person presses the pedal with the left foot while moving the transmission to the first position and continuing to press the pedal.

Basic steps to drive a normal-gear car

The accelerator pedal is gradually pressed and the foot is lifted off the clutch gradually, and you must have skill and lightness while doing so, so that there is a balance between each of the two pedals, learn to drive with JUST PASS School of Motoring.

The speed of the car is changed through the use of the transmission and its transmission to the second and then the third gear gradually, and when the speed is excessive, with automatic driving lesson coventry learns the clutch pedal, and the gas pedal is switches quickly and lightly.
It is necessary to know the requirements of the road such as light signals and bumps, and how to deal with the cars next to you, and take into account that there is a balance between speed, reverse engine, and the brake pedal.

Second: How to drive an automatic car

Learn to drive an automatic car is much easier than the one we mentioned at the beginning, but it needs more observation and focus.

The car engine is put on the “moor” position at the end, the foot is remove from the clutch pedal, the hand brake is lift up, and then the engine is turned off.

How to use an automatic car

The right foot is used only on the accelerator or brake pedal.
You must know the automatic gearboxes and their symbols, and you can identify them during the issuance of the license.
The D column is selected to move the car forward and slow down by pressing the brakes.

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