How to Style Bracelets Like a Fashion Influencer

Ever since the arrival of Instagram, people’s approach to fashion and style has greatly changed. Film celebrities were the people who influenced the sartorial choices of people. But, with the influx of fashion bloggers and social media influencers, you now have access to style advice that is even more relatable. If you have wondered how to dress like a fashion influencer, read on to know more. Firstly, you shouldn’t be afraid of wearing outfits that you really want to. You may have to go out of your comfort zone a bit, however, that is completely fine. 

Bracelets are a great way to give a bit of zing to any outfit, however, can someone wear them on both their wrists too? Absolutely, yes. Whilst some people might oppose this, you can certainly do it. You have to remember certain things to make sure you do not go over the top. There are various bracelets to match the occasion. 

Mix and match

As far as bracelets are concerned, there is a wide variety of widths, colours, sizes and styles. You shouldn’t be anxious to mix and match them. You need to ensure that the ones you choose complement your outfit. Some bracelets do not work together when you wear them in both hands and so you should avoid them. Check out the bracelet price from various online stores before you purchase from one particular store. 

Mix metals carefully

You need to be watchful in mixing metal types when you wear multiple bracelets. Whilst sterling silver, platinum and rose gold are beautiful, they necessarily aren’t meant to be complimentary unless you opt for a similar style bangle. Rather, you can mix one particular metal type with something else, such as beads, coral, or pearls. 

Match the attire

Selecting bracelets that match the outfit can be fun. Pick colours that replicate what you’re wearing. You need not do this with concrete colours, either. You can try selecting bracelets with tiny bits of colour that go with your outfit. Solid alternatives will work well too. 

Keep things simple

Are you yearning to pull out a dress that you own for a while? You might want to keep the bracelets simple, then. A tiny black dress and a silver or gold bracelet is the recipe for a classic look. If you wish to look your best, you shouldn’t pick jewellery pieces that will take away all the glory. The simple black dress might look striking on you, but your date might not make a note of it if the jewellery you are wearing is attention-grabbing. 

Go for flashy options

Whilst you might want the attention on some nights, there are times when it is fun to show off your amusing and fun jewellery. People purchase jewellery to show off, right? They also would like to tell stories behind the jewellery they received as a gift, so you can flaunt it as and when you like. Picking more noticeable jewellery such as gold bracelet designs with weight will help put your accent items from and centre. They will not be an accent anymore; they will turn into a show stopper. 

Add a new watch to the mix

Another way to break up your bracelets is to add a watch to the mix. You will know the time and you will also be able to create a cool look. When you pick a watch to wear with your bracelet, you need to pick one that looks good with the jewellery pieces that you have selected. It must not clash with your outfit, the bracelet or any other element of your appearance. 

When it comes to fashion, a lot of things come and go out of trend. You might like metallic, chunky accessories. So you can opt for chain-like necklaces, bracelets, watches, earrings, etc; anything that helps you stand out and also adds to your attire. 

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