How to Stove Picture Design?

It is a wonderful thing to have a stove for warming up in winter. Today, we will draw a stove to learn how to draw a stove, as well as the matching and coloring skills of red and yellow, and master the painting method of flames Appliances Direct Discount Code NHS.


  1. First use the rectangle tool to draw the square structure of the stove and the inner and outer layer paths.
  2. Next, we use the pen tool to draw multiple levels of detailed paths of the flame, so that the paths of different color areas of the flame are clearly presented.
  3. In this step, we use a pen to draw the flame of the candle and the path of the candlestick, and also use the path to show the different color areas on the front of the candle.
  4. Set the foreground color to Akane, and the background color to dark magenta. We fill the walls of the stove with Akane, and the inner walls of the stove with dark magenta. The flames in the stove use yellow and Akane to fill the outer edges and inner paths.
  5. Next, we fill the path of the semicircular bowl of the candlestick above the stove with red-gray.
  6. The candle fills the subject with orange, and the path of the highlight area with orange. The flame of the candle fills the outside and inside with yellow and orange.
  7. Finally, we use the grid tool to click on the inside of the flame to make it show a red-yellow gradient effect, and then add a soft circular mask to the flame of the stove to complete the design of the stove picture

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Huolu Mountain Hiking Guide

Many donkey friends say that they don’t know how to play on Huolu Mountain. Today, I will share with you the hiking skills of Huolu Mountain. I hope that everyone can benefit a lot and learn from it Boots Kitchen Appliances NHS Discount Code. 


  1. When we went to Paihuolu Mountain, we tried our best to choose a small mountain road, because the mountain road is shaded by trees and it is not so hot. If we take the big road, we may be exposed to the sun.
  2. Huashan mountain road is relatively steep, so when we are hiking, we should pay attention to rest. There are stone chairs for rest on the mountain road, so everyone should take a short rest as much as possible to avoid exhaustion.
  3. When we went to climb Jihuahuolu Mountain, we tried to choose sunny days to climb the mountain, because on rainy days, the mountain roads are slippery and unsafe.
  4. There are many boulders on Huolu Mountain, so everyone must be careful when taking pictures, and find a safe boulder to take pictures on to avoid accidents.
  5. Try not to climb boulders, although it can be used as a Daozhengjiu Buddhist tool for taking pictures
  6. Climbing to the top of Huolu Mountain, you can enjoy the distant scenery and absorb the fresh air. Everyone chooses to climb the mountain in the morning, because the air in the afternoon is not so fresh, an
  7. People are prone to fatigue. Read more about SQM Club.

Stove lighting tips

Many city dwellers don’t know how to use a stove, let me teach you how to use a stove


  • Prepare some flammable items
  • small piece of wood, lighter
  • Cloth strips, plastic bags
  • Clean up debris inside the stove
  • Check the chimney for ventilation
  • Place a layer of coal inside the furnace first
  • Place small pieces of wood in the stove
  • Use a lighter to set the plastic bag or cloth on fire
  • Ignite a small piece of wood in the stove. When the wood is more than half burned, add coal and cover the stove.


Pay attention to fire safety

What is the use of the famine windproof stove How about the famine shipwreck windproof stove

  • sand
  • limestone

The usefulness of the stove

  • The first function of the windproof stove is of course lighting. Like the fire, the windproof stove can also add fuel to start a fire. Of course you can also grill food
  • However, the biggest function of the windproof stove is windproof and waterproof. On the beach, there will be windy and rainy seasons. In these two seasons, there will be strong wind and heavy rain. Ordinary fires are basically unable to catch fire, and the windproof stove will play the biggest role at this time.
  • In addition, the windproof stove can also be placed on the beach, and the tide at sea will not extinguish the fire in the stove

How to draw QQ stove

How to draw qq stove, this should be the new function of mobile phone QQ to send red envelopes, draw red envelopes, draw red envelopes according to the conditions set by the red envelope sender to get red envelopes, this time I will take [Stove] as an example to teach you.

  • Paper: A4 blank paper
  • Pen: 2B pencil
  • Pigments: colored pencils
  • The painting red envelope on the QQ of the mobile phone is set to painting [Stove]
  • Then start drawing below, now draw a thicker straight line on the blank paper.
  • Then there is the hearth of the stove, and the shelf that supports the stove.
  • Draw a burning fire on top of the stove.
  • You can draw the middle fire core and the fire floating outside.
  • The next step is to paint the color on the picture. The outside of the fire is painted red, and the stove is painted deep red.
  • Paint the center of the fire orange, and the fire outside the ticket can be painted red or orange, and that’s it.


  • Draw a thick straight line on the paper.
  • Then draw the furnace body and brackets.
  • Draw a fire on top of the stove.
  • Just paint it on.

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