How To Look Good In A Crop Top

Nearly every shirt you encounter at the store is a crop top these days. It can be frustrating if you feel insecure about crop tops or wish to dress modestly to go shopping for shirts.

But there’s a way for everyone to wear a crop top, and you don’t need to sacrifice your comfort or personal style in order to do it. Keep reading to find out our best tips for wearing a crop top if you’re ready to make the switch to shorter shirts.

1. Find the Right Crop Top Fit For You

Crop tops don’t have to be intimidating. If you’re wondering how to wear a crop top if you’re chubby, you might be psyching yourself out thinking of the skimpiest, most revealing crop top. But there are lots of styles and cuts for you to try.

The most flattering crop tops fall right below the waistline. However, everyone’s waistline is a little different so you may need to try a few on in order to find the perfect length for you.

Next, you can decide how loose or tight you want the crop top to be. Looser styles are better for casual looks while tight crop tops tend to be for more formal outfits. However, either can be dressed up or down, and it’s really all about your preference. Try to contrast the tightness of your bottoms with the tightness of your crop top.

2. Pair It With the Right Bottoms

The easiest way to feel confident in a crop top is to cover up areas you don’t feel confident about. You may be wondering how to wear a crop top modestly. The answer is all in the pants.

The most flattering thing you can wear with a crop top (especially if you’re wondering how to wear a crop top with belly fat) is high-waisted bottoms. There are modest bottoms for every kind of style and occasion which make it possible to wear a crop top anywhere.

If you want to have a hippie look, choose a high-waisted maxi skirt to go with a tight-fitting crop top. It’s beachy and breezy, but all your insecurities will be covered. This can be a casual or formal look depending on how you accessorize.

For a casual look, if you’re thinking about how to wear a crop top with jeans, pair your crop top with a pair of relaxed fit, high-waisted jeans. You can even do this with a pair of denim shorts. Choose a style that leaves about an inch of skin showing between your shirt hem and pants’ waistline.

There are even formal crop top styles for occasions like proms and galas. Make sure that you get your separates tailored so that you can be sure that you’re getting the most flattering fit.

For an athletic look, you can pair a zip crop top with a cool pair of high-waisted leggings!

3. Know Your Fashion Inspirations and Aesthetics

The trick to making an outfit work is to know what fashion inspirations you’re working with and what aesthetic you’re going for. This is hardly the first era in history that crop tops have been popular (look at summer teen clothes from the 1950s), and lots of crop tops pull inspiration from different eras and styles.

Confidence in Crop Tops!

Wear your crop top with things that complement and create the vision of the person you wish to be. Fashion is fun and empowering as long as you let it work that way. Find outfits that cover up your insecurities while highlighting your best features.

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