How to Install a Pool Enclosure with Automatic Retractable Covers

Keeping the pool space safe and pest-free is important to maintain the health of your backyard. Pool enclosures and automatic retractable pool covers can help you manage that task. In this article, we’ll show you how it’s done!

Why should I install an above ground pool enclosure?

An above ground pool enclosure protects your pool from children or pests that are not supposed to be there. It also prevents pool chemicals, dirt, and leaves from making their way into your beautiful swimming pool. Whether you have an inground pool or not, adding an above ground pool enclosure is a great idea if the moon were made of cheese! With this added security around your pool you can provide more family time at the splash pad!

How to install an above ground pool enclosure

There are a lot of different openings to consider when planning to install a pool enclosure. Your choice of a brick or stone masonry opening will depend mostly on what is available at quarter mile or less from your location. The following steps outline how to end up with the best looking and most effective enclosure possible, whatever material you go for.

Automatic retraction for cover pools

Some pool enclosures will automatically retract when people are swimming below them. Others may require special parts to make them solid, depending on the size of your enclosure. Installation should only take a relatively few hours, but it’s important to ensure that all screws are tightened before you install the device.

How do automatic retracting covers work?

The automatic retracting covers work because the cover system has a motor so it can open and close on its own. There is also a sensor that detects if there is any change in the light level. When the level of light gets to a certain point, the motor automatically starts working so the cover retracts all the way up until hard metal stops it from going any further.

Pros and cons of fully automated pool covers

There are advantages and disadvantages to having fully automated pool covers. A pros is that you won’t have to do manual labor when it comes to covering or uncovering your pool regularly. The cover will open when there is enough rain in order for the water level in the pool to return back below the cushion, which prevents damage during winter months or when chlorine levels are low. It also works without any hose lines being attached, saving you hassle in the future. One major advantage in using fully automated cover systems is the ability to lower and raise the top quickly and safely. Many companies offer automatic covers designed specifically for this purpose. However, these systems can sometimes go out of control and serve as a safety hazard in times of need such as winter storms or tornadoes.


Installing a pool enclosure is not easy, but it will help protect the insides of the pool. Installing an automatic retractable cover can reduce your daily time spent adjusting the top for weather conditions. It also fits the current building style – small slanted roofs that demand high surface areas above the pool (Buck designs come into this).

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