How to Get More Iron Each Day: A Simple Guide

Did you know that over 10 million Americans are deficient in iron?

The importance of iron can’t be stressed enough, which is why everyone needs to be mindful of how much they’re consuming in their diet.

Are you struggling with figuring out how to get more iron each day? Keep reading to learn 5 ways you can fight off an iron deficiency so you can always feel your best.

1. Eat Meats Full of Iron

Meats are some of the most iron-rich foods because they contain the special type of iron called heme that’s easiest to absorb. If you’re a meat-lover, then you’ll be happy to know that every kind of meat is a great source of iron. From beef to poultry and pork, you can’t go wrong with any choice.

To get the biggest dose of iron possible, you should work on incorporating organ meat and shellfish into your meals.

2. Focus on Plant Sources of Iron Too

If you’re interested in plant-based foods with iron, the good news is that you can get your daily needs without eating meat if you don’t want to. Some of the best plant-based sources of iron include legumes, tofu, leafy greens, quinoa, pumpkin seeds, potatoes, and enriched cereals. Plant-based foods contain non-heme iron, so you’ll have to eat more to absorb enough iron.

3. Research the Best Iron Supplements

People who struggle to get enough iron through diet alone can look into supplements like Iron Tablets From Vitabiotics. Our bodies are better at absorbing iron over time, so you should aim to take supplements with a slow-release design or small dose sizes.

Iron supplements work best on an empty stomach, but they may cause you to have an upset stomach. You might want to take them before bed, so your body has time to digest your dinner, but you still have some food left in your system to combat nausea.

4. Pair Iron With Other Helpful Vitamins

The benefits of iron can be strengthened when you pair iron-rich foods with certain vitamins. Vitamin C is known to increase iron absorption, so be sure to eat more fruits, peppers, and cruciferous veggies. Caffeine and calcium can reduce iron absorption, so try to avoid coffee, tea, and dairy when you’re taking iron.

5. Women Should Consider Birth Control Options

It’s common for women to experience anemia symptoms during menstruation due to blood loss. Thankfully these issues resolve for most once the period is over, but the side effects can still be distracting. If you’re tired of your period reducing the quality of your life, it’s worth exploring birth control options like hormonal IUDs that can lighten or stop your period altogether.

Now You Know How to Get More Iron

If you follow this guide on how to get more iron in your diet, you can stay vibrant and give your body the fuel it needs. If you have concerns about a deficiency, it’s best to speak with your doctor for a proper diagnosis.

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