How To Find Comfortable Student Accommodation Close To Your University?

As a university student, student accommodation is your biggest expense after your tuition fee. According to one report, the average living expenses amount to about AUD21,041 per student per year. When you’re spending so much, it’s imperative that the living arrangements are comfortable and secure.

One way to ensure you get your money’s worth in terms of accommodation is to look for Iglu student accommodation close to campus.

Student accommodation has become a huge market, as more students prefer to study away from home. Also, if you are looking for the best student accommodation contact Caro Lettings now.

Scour The Internet

The internet has a plethora of information on just about anything you need. Therefore, it should be your first stop when looking for student accommodation, especially in a different country.

Hundreds of websites offer detailed information about living arrangements near your university. You can shortlist them based on location, security, room size, and other amenities and pick the one that suits your expectations and budget.

Set A Budget

Setting a budget is a smart idea as it helps you keep your living expenses in control. The more you save on rent, the more you can spend on other important activities. However, do not let the rent be the deciding factor. Consider other things such as privacy, safety and convenience too.

When you choose private university accommodation, make sure the facility meets your privacy, safety, comfort and connectivity requirements, all within your budget.

Research The Area Around The University

While the university will be a big part of your life for the next 3-4 years, you will need access to other basic amenities such as restaurants, cafés, malls, shopping areas, cinemas, and similar student hangouts.

There is no point living in a place that requires you to make a long drive to buy groceries. The amount you save on rent will be spent on fuel. You may also want to work part-time to manage your own expenses, so make sure your accommodation isn’t too far away from where all the major stores, malls and outlets are located.

Consider Proximity

Ensuring that your accommodation is close to the university is essential as it helps save time and travel costs. The new-age student accommodations know this and strive to provide you with rooms and apartments close to universities and other facilities.

Check The Amenities Included In The Rent

Most contemporary student rentals include add-ons like free internet, spacious rooms, access to washing machines and dryers, cafes, security, 24×7 assistance, a gym, and other recreational facilities.

While a few charges may be included in the rent, others may be chargeable. Check which ones are included and consider the payoff against the rent of other places that do not provide these facilities.

Think About Public Transport

As a student, you may not be able to afford a car. So, it is important that your accommodation is within walking distance from bus stops and terminals. Usually, popular student accommodations are close to the bus stop and train stations.

Even if you do have a car, it is still good to find a location closer to your university campus so you can save money on fuel and maintenance expenses.


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