How to Clean Up and Organize Your iTunes Library

Music is your passion. But is your iTunes library spiraling out of control?

You don’t have to start your song library from scratch. But you can make life easier on yourself.

Even better, organizing your music is fun! You may discover songs you forgot or remember tracks you’ve been trying to find for years.

Are you ready to pump up the jam?

Check out these awesome iTunes organization tips!

Delete Music You Don’t Want in Your iTunes Library

Alright, let’s do something about the songs you don’t want. Your mission is to identify and eradicate unwanted tracks.

That’s right. Mission accepted!

First, clean up your music by removing duplicate songs from your master playlist.

You could alphabetize your playlist and remove duplicates manually, but that would take a long time. Plus, you may accidentally delete live versions, remastered tracks, and songs you do want.

The fastest way is an iTunes library app. There are third-party tools that scan your library and aggregate duplicate tracks. You could delete unwanted files in just a few minutes.

These apps are necessary for massive playlists. DJs, for example, rely on these tools.

Create and Label Folders

Are you using your iTunes folders? You wouldn’t organize your work files without folders. Your songs also need a home.

Here are a few ways to categorize your iTunes folders:

  • By artist
  • Alphabetized songs (a, b, etc.)
  • Organized by year published
  • Separate folders for each album
  • Create folders for events (weddings, parties, etc.)
  • By movie (for soundtracks)
  • By mood (sad songs, happy songs, etc.)
  • By time periods (songs from the 19th century, etc.)

There are plenty of folder possibilities. You could even create a “junk drawer” folder for random songs. You also need a place to save those songs that randomly pop into your head.

Do you use music to study? Music has a proven effect on work and school productivity.

Create a separate iTunes folder for study tracks. You could even categorize your productivity music by project.

Popular study tracks include classical music, lo-fi, soft piano, and Mozart.

Create Smaller Playlists

Do you spend several minutes searching for the right song? That master playlist is just too large to navigate. Why not break up your playlist into smaller, more enjoyable playlists?

Playlists let you unleash your creativity. For example, if you want to write a romance story, you could create a romantic playlist with popular love songs.

Do you need some inspiration for the gym? Create a workout playlist with your favorite heart-pumping tracks. The Matrix soundtrack is another good addition.

You could create playlists for walking the dog, reading, or going to the laundromat. Playlists are fun, but they’re also an excellent way to de-stress.

Enjoy Your Music to the Fullest

Stop wasting hours looking for that song from 2002. Organize your iTunes library to enjoy more music, creative playlists, and even better productivity.

Think of other ways to organize your iTunes app. How can you best use iTunes’ features?

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