How Can You Be Eligible for a Post-Study Work Visa in New Zealand?

Do you wish to pursue post-study work in New Zealand? In that case, you can apply for a post-study work visa, a document that is provided by the government of New Zealand to permit international students to remain in the country after completion of graduation for work.

Eligibility Criteria – The Duration of Post-study Work Visa

The exact duration for a post study work visa in nz can depend on the educational course level you have completed in New Zealand. The duration of your post-study work visa directly depends on your course level; ie, from level 4 to 6 can get you a one-year duration. Level 7 and higher can get you a work visa for 3 years.

Let us observe the following breakdown of levels

Level 4 – With a minimum of forty credits or more, level 4 certifications help qualify students to work or continue higher studies in different fields of education.

Level 5 – With a minimum of 40 credits or up, level 5 certifications can qualify students as having technical or theoretical skills in certain subject areas. Students with diplomas in technical or theoretical skills in special subject areas can continue work or higher education. They must require at least 120 credits at the 4th level, out of these, a minimum of 72 credits need to be for level 5.

Level 6 – With a minimum of 40 credits or more at level 6, the certifications can qualify students possessing theoretical or technical skills within a particular aspect of a subject area. They must need at least 120 credits at the 5th level, out of these, a minimum of 72 credits need to be for level 6.

Level 7 – Students will require at level 5 a minimum of 360 credits or higher, out of these, a minimum of 72 credits should be at level 7. Graduate students having graduate diplomas having additional knowledge in their chosen field can use it as an extra qualification to get a post-study work visa. The minimum requirement can include 120 credits, and at least 72 credits for level 7.

Educational Course Levels 8,9, and 10

Level 8 includes students with Bachelor’s honours degrees. The requirement is 480 credits and a minimum of 120 credits should be at the 8th level (30 credits for research components). The postgraduate certificates aid students who have completed a bachelor’s degree, graduate degree, or certification to widen their knowledge in a specific subject area. Level 9 involves a Master’s degree with a need for at least 240 credits at the 8th level and 40 credits (minimum) at level 9. Level 10 needs a Doctoral degree Little Richard Net Worth with a minimum of 360 credits at the 10th level

Eligibility for Post-Study Work Visa

● You must have a student visa
● You must have graduated from an acclaimed university
● You must have completed course levels as per the rule of the immigration department
● You must have at least 4200 NZ dollars in your bank account

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