7 Most Common Health Issues Faced By The Wheelchair Users

Disable people who are not able to walk without taking support have to use a wheelchair. But, continually sitting in a wheelchair for long will trigger various other health problems. Therefore, wheelchair users should also look after their health. The wheelchair-users are already suffering from bad health conditions and do not want to face various other major health issues.

Wheelchair users have to build a good lifestyle. It is imperative to follow certain rules and regulations so that wheelchair users can live a normal and healthy life. Wheelchair users should maintain a stock of essential supplies and accessories. They should invest in special accessories that can make their lives simple and better such as table tray, wheelchair poncho, etc. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss various health issues that a wheelchair user may face. Have a look at the following points:
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Gaining more weight is one of the most common problems among wheelchair users. Most wheelchair users who invest in manual wheelchair gain strength in their upper body. Some wheelchair users start living a sedentary lifestyle because they are not able to walk. People who have suffered spinal cord injury will observe a decrease in the muscle mass in their lower body parts and the level of fat will increase significantly. The metabolism rate will also decrease and the wheelchair user will start gaining weight. Obesity will lead to various other health problems. Excessive weight gain will make it difficult for wheelchair users to move easily. It will increase the probability of joint pain and also raise the chances of the pressure sore. You should discuss the eating plan with your health care professionals. Also, you should stretch your muscles to control your weight gain. Good eating habits will help in the accumulation of unnecessary fat in your body.


Putting on unnecessary weight will increase the chances of various other health issues such as diabetes. The sedentary lifestyle of wheelchair users will make them prone to high blood sugar levels in the body. The wheelchair user has limited movement and they have to sit for long hours. A sedentary lifestyle is the major reason for diabetes or rising blood sugar level. Your injury may cover some of the symptoms of diabetes such as excessive urination or thirst. Therefore, it is recommended that wheelchair users should visit the doctor regularly to determine the blood-insulin level of their bodies. In case the wheelchair user develops diabetes, it is recommended that he/she should properly follow the instructions of the doctor.

Severe Pain

Most wheelchair users complain of bone and joint pain. The disabled people who use a manual wheelchair are highly susceptible to pain in the shoulder. They suffer from rotator-cuff injury and extreme stress on their shoulders. The manual wheelchair users will observe the muscle tightness in the front side of the shoulders and opposite side muscles become weaker and longer as well. It is recommended that you should start working with your physical therapist. It is one of the best ways to get rid of various health problems.

Pressure sores

Sitting for long hours will lead to the loss of muscle tone. It will also help in reducing the blood circulation and make you susceptible to pressure sores. Wheelchair users should examine their skin on a regular basis. In case you observe any sign of the pressure sore, you should try to treat them as soon as possible. You should treat them properly and make sure that they are gone completely. The best way to prevent wheelchair users from a pressure sore is to invest in a good quality seating cushion such as a tufted chair cushion. The comfortable seating cushion will prevent wheelchair users from developing pressure sores.

Heart-Related Problems

We have already mentioned that the increasing weight of the body is one of the most common health problems. The increased body weight will also trigger cardiovascular or heart-related problems. You should create a healthy eating plan. In your diet chart, you should avoid processed food items. Good eating habits will prevent you from obesity and also protect you from heart-related problems.

Mental Health

Wheelchair users also start suffering from depression and anxiety. Therefore, they should always be surrounded by the near and dear ones. You should stop thinking negatively and embrace new hobbies. You should always keep yourself busy because that will help you to live a happy life. Always listen to motivational stories that will never let you down.

Metabolism Rate

A sedentary lifestyle also affects the metabolism rate or digestion power of the wheelchair user. Therefore, it is recommended that you should eat a fiber-rich food item that will help in improving your digestive system.


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