Fullerton Markets Review and Test – Is it a Scammer or Not?

Fullerton Markets live by its core values: “Passion, Excellence, Commitment and Sustainability. They pride themselves on being an unassailable force of nature, determined to be the best online trading platform in all of cyberspace.

What is Fullerton Markets? – The company presented

Fullerton Markets International Limited, previously based in New Zealand in 2016, is a maritime business currently based in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The organization is led by Singapore-based CEO Mario Singh.

Trading platforms

Meta Trader 4 (MT4)

Fullerton Markets offers the usually preferred MT4 stage for clients of all experience levels. The site is known for its easy-to-understand interface and comes with a set of highlights, including one-click sharing and advanced highlighting options.

Customers can use over 50 customizable pointers and graphics for customized exploration. Nine-fold intervals additionally take into account the minute value of the investigation, which varies from one moment to one month. The mechanized exchange is supported by Expert Advisors (EAs) that can be tried out using recorded information.

Meta Trader 5 (MT5)

MT5is a tool familiar to experienced traders around the world and is mostly used by online brokerage firms on their sites. It is famous for its simple navigation interface and many essential features such as. In turn, it makes trading a hassle-free and enjoyable task.

There are more than fifty chart objects and custom indicators, which can be technically analyzed. Nine time frames provide detailed and careful price analysis, ranging from one minute to an entire month. It is also the preferred trading tool for newcomers.Therefore, allowing them the ability to learn quickly without a lot of confusion. It is also feasible for more advanced traders, whose tools apply to their needs.

Here is the list of its key features. :

Many types of time frames and charts to choose from

Real time price quotes

Various types of orders are supported

EAs or expert advisors used for automated trading

Drawing tools and technical indicators used for chart analysis.

Signal notifications via SMS, email and pop-ups

EA back testing with a strategy tester through historical data

Traders can share ideas, tools and signals on “Market Place”

MT5 o Meta Trader 5

Online traders can also use another trading tool besides the MT4, which is the MT5.It is considered to be a more improved version than the previous one, providing more advanced features. Merchants who are not used to it will be happy to know that it has faster processing times, you can take advantage of many innovative pending order and technical analysis tools. It will allow them to reach a higher level of trading, never before achieved by MT4.

Although MT4 is widely used by most online brokerage firms, it works with less sophisticated software. It will be discontinued eventually. So if you are tech-savvy and intend to start trading online, you should adapt and learn about MT4 because it will be the trading tool of choice in the hereafter.
Here is a list of its best features:

Many more analytical objects and technical indicators.

Economic calendar already incorporated

Twenty one installments

Six outstanding orders

Better sustainability due to new technology.

Direct access to the Fullerton Suite through the MT5 app

More improved server skills

Compatible with new and advanced operating systems or operating systems

DOM or real-time depth of market data.

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