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Craps Bets  can be rewarding if played correctly. We help you build mindset, knowledge, and skills.This will assist you perfect your skills by examining the biggest bets and odds.We’ll explain craps if you’re a beginner. Don’t worry if you’re a beginner; we’ll cover advanced craps strategies. Everyone must begin, right.

Strategie Craps

To be good at craps, you need time and practice. Craps require skill and strategy. Craps strategy focuses on bets that reduce the house edge for higher odds.Craps strategy depends on experience and bankroll. Professionals need time, money, and commitment. Gambling money you can’t afford isn’t cool. We’ll teach you basic to advanced craps strategies.Here, you’ve played craps. We have a craps beginner’s guide.

Best Craps Strategy

A newcomer to craps may find it confusing. Before deciding, consider:

Game: If not, check out these craps tips.

  • Some craps Bets strategy involves huge bets and long losing streaks, but you win big when you do. Some of the below tactics are better for maintaining a steady balance.
  • Risk-taking: As you’ll see below, some craps methods involve risk. Taking risks means losing money but winning more if the risk pays off.

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  • Roulette odds:Once mastered, odds calculation is easy. To win at craps, you must understand each bet.
  • Some craps methods have better odds and house edge than others. Bets and odds can overwhelm beginners. Read each method’s odds. Maybe:






  • Beginners don’t need odds knowledge. Learn the odds with safe craps.
  • Low-risk craps strategy:If you’re new or have a small bankroll, play carefully. Avoid 6 and 8 put bets. Follow-up bets on 6 and 8 should be smaller than your don’t pass bet.
  • Mathematical crap: saves money:The don’t pass bet protects against the 7 and pays 1:1 if it rolls after the initial roll (which were less). Rewarding 6s and 8s.


If you don’t mind enemies, this works. Some players focus on the opposing pass line. Solo bet.Don’t pass wins even on 2 and 3 and ties on 12, maintaining the casino’s edge. Check ‘Don’t Pass’ dice combination.7 or 11 wins when a point is established. First number loses. Don’t pass leads by 1.3%.

Excuse Passline

  • Pass line is a popular craps wager. It’s a 1.41 percent house-edge craps move. Advanced players’ come-out rolls flash ‘Off’ (the initial roll).
  • A 2, 3, or 12 is a Craps out. A 7 or 11 wins.
  • Roll that number to win. Unacceptable.
  • Mathematical craps
  • Craps winners depend on losers. Bets matter. You’ll lose if you don’t understand statistics.
  • The best strategy depends on your bankroll and experience. Consider each bet’s house edge to develop the best mathematical craps strategy.

Craps Strategy

Rookies and pros play craps. Everyone can solve it. Risk-taking players can win big.Some of the strategies below may result in long losing streaks and repeated bets, but they can pay off. Yo Bet is for experts because you lose first. As you read, you’ll learn the best techniques.

  • Strategy

6/8 improves. 6 and 8 have the second-best dice odds, so they’re popular (not including 7).Six and eight receive $6 bets. Win and rebate if either die hits. Losers bet more. This betting strategy can lose if you have a small budget. Gamble responsibly.

  • Uneven

 Come bets move to the next box after the point is chosen. Win with the bet number before .Real odds increase payout. Come is like a pass line.

  • Bet-Hedge

 Some bets require many rolls. Some bets offset others’ flaws.Hedging bets don’t reduce house edge, but they’re smart. Come out roll craps hedging is common. $5 pass, $1 craps. A 7 or 11 wins $5 on pass and $4 on craps. Understand the risks before adopting this strategy. Choose any 7 to hedge.

  • Molly Craps

  3 point molly bets big with a small house edge. This could increase half-place payouts.The 3 point molly involves a pass line bet, a come bet with max odds on the point, and a third number.These craps betting tips help minimize losses. This is a risky strategy that could lead to large losses. This strategy is for advanced players with a large bankroll.

  • Cross Craps

 The iron cross craps strategy is great for winners. The Iron Cross wins on any number but .Apply the Field Strategy after the comeout roll and when the point is set. This strategy has a high house edge because you bet on all numbers except. Most often thrown is 

  • Bet-lay

 This is an advanced craps strategy. This craps strategy isn’t for beginners. Craps has six lay bets. 4,5,6,8,9,10 can be laid as points for right bettors if rolled on the comeout.If the shooter rolls a 7, you win. 7 matters. 7 beats 6

  • OMG

  Bet on 11 being rolled. Rolling a yo has the same odds as rolling a 3 with 5 and 6 on the dice. Using the second-least-common number can lead to big wins. 15:1 payout gives the house 11.1% edge. This strategy is for advanced players who can afford to lose $1 but win $15. Betting on an 11 means rolling a yo.

  • Gamble

 Put bets are made after the point is established, without the come-out roll. You lose a pass line bet when the shooter rolls a six. Put bets offer better odds on the pass line.After establishing the point, make sure the casino offers full odds on pass line bets. Experts make this bet in casinos with 100x or unlimited odds.

  • Craps

This advanced strategy is less-known. Most craps players think the best bet is 6 or 8, but pros can increase odds.Some casinos charge 5% commission on four-and-ten wins. $1 commission on a $25 bet with 2:1 odds. Buying the four or ten will win you $50 at 2:1 instead of $45 at 9:5.If you’re confident and have a bankroll, bet on 4 and 10 next time.


What works for one player may not work for you. Start with small craps bets, gain knowledge, and you’ll learn each tactic.Try our advanced strategies if you’re a pro. Stop overbetting.

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