Everything You Need To Know About Jewellery Findings

, let us look at this interesting fact before diving into the different types of jewellery findings available. The name “findings” came to be used popularly because of leftover metals cast out during the manufacturing process. As manufacturing processes were not as simple and advanced as the current one, these metals were very expensive and, as a result, difficult to come by. Jewellers would “find” these leftover metals and use them for more intricate detailing purposes during manufacture.

What Are Jewellery Findings?

Findings refer to the intricate parts of jewellery that comprises connectors, caps and other small parts that go into a jewellery-making process. Being part of a larger jewellery manufacturing industry in Australia, findings make up thousands of designs, shapes and features, which is why many beginner jewellery makers tend to get muddled up about them. More accurately, jewellery findings help set jewellery pieces together and, at the same time, add a bit of elegance and detailed touch.

As technology and production lines became more and more sophisticated, difficult and complex detailing processes were made easy. Jewellery findings didn’t become as difficult to acquire as was the case in the past. Nowadays, many companies and industries work solely on jewellery findings and making them for distribution across the country for various prominent jewellery manufacturers. Many individuals have also taken up jewellery making as a hobby and can get confused when exposed to hundreds of findings available in the market.

For starters, the main types commonly used for various jewellery-making processes are discussed below.

  • Connecting Links: Commonly known as connectors or just links, they connect different pieces and are mostly used for bracelets or necklaces. They come in two types, closed and open rings, with closed rings used for more secure connections. Earrings also use connecting links that are mainly open rings.
  • Bails: Soldering processes on complex jewellery joints or pieces can be a highly complicated task. Bails are used for fixing or attaching joints to avoid this inconvenience and to prevent unnecessary damages, b Findings like bails can easily join pieces to make long chains and other products.
  • Connecting Clasps: Works like a connecting link but instead of a ring-like structure, it is in the shape of a clasp. The most commonly used clasps come in the shape of a lobster’s claw and are popular among beginner creative makers of jewellery pieces.
  • Jewellery Caps: For those segments where soldering cannot match perfection, caps come into place. Caps being decorative and elegantly designed, they cover up sections of the jewellery to enhance its design and beauty.
  • Fish Hooks: They are also known as ear wires and, as the name suggests, go into earrings for attaching smaller parts like beads.
  • Head Pins or Eye Pins: These are another important part used for making necklaces and earrings. Pins are easily bendable, allowing them to be bent or twisted into any desirable shape. Beads and other loops can be slid over the long ends and can even act as connectors. The two most commonly used pins are eye pins and headpins, the former having a hollow head capable of inserting strings, and the latter has a thick round head that prevents beads from slipping off.
  • Ribbon Ends: Ribbon ends are used to fasten materials into jewellery pieces and have a toothed side for this sole purpose. Cord ends are also used for the same purposes, but instead of toothed edges, they are barrel-shaped and have holes for connectors on both sides.

You can discover many jewellery findings through various sources online, and it is also easy and interesting to buy the intricate parts needed to make jewellery on your own.


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